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BalkanSuper League

Posted on: January 3, 2007

Let me explain what the superleague is. It is a league with teams from Serbia, Bosnia, and other balkan countries. Its made to make an extreme league which would be more competitive. So basicly Partizan, Redstar, would join Dinamo Zagreb and so on with other teams.

Some people like the idea but some dont. Some croatians say that they would be doing a favor to Serbia. Since the war and everything. But others think its a great thing for soccer and that it would finaly make total peace in the Balkan. But I think if its not orginized right it could lead to war, and holiganism.

Many Croatians agree that they would like a SupeLeague but only if they own most of it and if the headquarters would be located in Croatia. They dont want to make it look like Croatia surrenderd and finaly gave Serbia back something.

Enough of the crazy politics. It would certainly make better competition. But would the quality of the leagues go down? If the FA made a super League with Wales, then their reputation would go down.

Anyways I really want to know what you guys think. Is a Balkan SuperLeague a good idea. And if so how should we handle the politics?

Make your Balkan SuperLeague team list….


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I support it and I dont at the same time. I want my players to be aweseome. But I dont want to ruin croatias League reputation.

I just want to add a couple of quick things to this debate. First off how do Croatians think they would be helping Serbia? The league would be based on the fact that all the countries are working together to have a strong league each country would gain the same and loose the same. You bring up the war? why? politics and football do not mix my friend and by the way news flash it ended about 13 years ago. Move on

The second paragraph is probably the dumbest Croatians want all the headquarters in Croatia. The Clubs would stay in their countries fool are you crazy? Red Star and their office would stay in Belgrade, Sarajevo would stay in Sarajevo the only thing is that they would play each other it’s not like every game would be in Croatia. Plus it would be a UEFA member so that would be the headquarters anyway. Get over yourself cockiness like that is why I know this league won’t work.

How would the quality of the league go down? Your going to tell me that you would rather watch Dinamo kill Rijeka and Inter Zapresic then see them against Red Star or maybe a good Bulgarian team like Levski. Our leagues get dull because everyone knows that the powerhouses will end up at the top and so they stop playing hard. I’ve seen Red Star beat teams 5-0 but it means nothing when it’s Zemun or Obilic. But a 2-1 win over Steaua or AEK Athens now that I would care about.

Last time I checked the English league is one of the best while Wales sucks that is a bad comparison. No league in all of eastern Europe could even come close to England but if this Balkan League was together it would be alot closer. I mean just look at some of the teams. Steaua Bucharest, Levski Sofia, Red Star, Dinamo Zagreb, Olympiakos. I mean WOW watching those teams play each other would be alot of fun and give the clubs more money because of media rights and shirt deals as well as longer European campagins.

My main point is Croatia and Serbia would both gain from this and if you really want me to be dead honest Croatia would have more to gain then Serbia because Serbia’s League is stronger. Here is a link to prove it.

Anyways all the teams would play better teams so they would be better prepared for the UEFA Cup or CL. The teams would get more money and it would be a good way to bring peace back to the region. Quit all of this Croatia this and that BS and just look at the facts stop being arrogant and let’s make this happen. Leave Serbia alone it’s nto like your being forced to play with an Asian country you know Serbia is good we know your good let’s stop the politics and lies and play football so our kids will grow up in that kind of atmosphere instead of one in jeolousy and hatred.

@Boris I agree with you..But the majority of Croatians and bosnians, and serbians will always find something to argue about.

I personaly dont have a problem with the Balkan league, I think it would be a good idea.

—-you missunderstood me about the *Head Quarters* A Balkan League Head Quarters would have to exist. Its like the German Bundesliga and any other leagues, they have a building where matches are orginized. UEFA doesnt do everything you know…they just watch the matches and make sure its done right.

I wasnt talkin about the Clubs HQ…Offcourse, sarajevo would stay in sarajevo because that where the club is located. And every match wouldnt be played in croatia that ridicoules. All I was talkin about was where the Head Quarters for the Balkan League would be Located? See, if the Building is located in Croatia..Bosnians,Serbians, and other balkan countrys would complain .. because it would seem like croatia owns the league. It would be the same thing if the HQ was in Serbia everyone would be like..well why is the HQ in serbia why not in in my country… I know this probably sounds stupid but I bet people would complain about shit like this. I personaly couldnt care less..

**************************************************************** “Croatia would have more to gain then Serbia because Serbia’s League is stronger. Here is a link to prove it.”
LOL that is crazy talk. The link you provided is not even Official. But if it is true..there is nothing to gain because Serbia is only 6 spots away from croatia. I think Croatia has a more stable league then Serbia, Money Wise, the strength of the two leagues to me are the same, if Dinamo plyed Red Star…It would be a very close and interesting match.

Many Serbians always talk crap about Croatias FIFA ranking in blogs, they say it doesnt mean anything. It has to mean something..Its how many matches you won. But the Croatian League and Serbian League are so close together it would be almsot impossible to tell who is better, unless they compete against each other.

Anyways, I respect your point of view, and thank you for posting your article. It will be interesting to see if the balkan league is going to become a reality.

@ Denis well put mate lol.. @ the rankings.. what a load of junk, U can hardly prove who is better unless they play .. man and Spain first and Italy 2nd? r u kidding me!! English league is the best league in the world im sure of that.. so i wouldn’t pay much attention i just hope this league gets under way somehow in the next decade maybe..Whateva is best for Croatia 🙂


To begin I will say that we put it in a neutral place. the HQ could be in France or something. That is where the pres is and all that stuff. Besides the Hq doesn’t really matter what matters is that the teams will get more money better competition and it will help the entire life in the region.


Well to respond I would like to say that first off the only people that are really mad are the hicks and dumb kids. I know 100% a Croat could walk through Belgrade with no problem I have Croatian cousins and nothing happened the same goes for Zagreb and Serbs. The more time passes the more people will see that A, Serbs and Croats are almost identical people B, that war was a joke and fucked over everyone and is not worth argueing over anymore C, being mad won’t get us anywhere. So why not start the process now and give our kids a better life where they don’t have to have animosity to others instead of one wear your kid has to hide his nationality to serbs in fear of getting beaten up or vice versa that is no way to live.

“the rankings.. what a load of junk, U can hardly prove who is better unless they play”

Those rankings are Uefa’s coefficients average of all the clubs in the countries league. Spain is number one because they won the Champions League (Barcalona) and Uefa Cup (Sevilla). Italy had AC Milan Inter and Juve go far last year that is why they were ahead of England who only had Arsenal. Barca knocked out Chelsea and Man U didn’t get out of the group stage. So you see it is logical and numbers don’t lie.

Serbia has seen back to back years with teams in the Uefa Cup group stage Partizan this year and RS last year. All in all the Serbian league has had more success then Croatia but obviously it’s not way better of coarse Dinamo and RS would be a great match I’m not saying our league is fantastic it has just had more success then Croatian teams have had.

“Many Serbians always talk crap about Croatias FIFA ranking in blogs, they say it doesnt mean anything”

Remember this has nothing to do with the National team whatsoever I think right now yours is better. I am not biosed I tell it like it is but I agree that those are a joke. I mean seriously just look at this are you going to tell me that you think Cameroon is the 11th best team in the world? A team that didn’t even make the WC? You’d be lieing if you thought that Cameroon was better then Spain, Croatia, Sweden I mean come on. Oh and Guinea yeah Guinea is 22nd, a team that has never made the WC a place that I couldn’t even point on a map is ahead of Ecuador (Got out of the group stage and lost 1-0 to England in the round of 16 in the WC), Poland (WC participants and always a tough team), Serbia (WC), USA (WC). I give this ranking no value at all. It is absolutely meaningless. How are the WC winners not first? Complete garbage just something so coca cola can get more people to buy their drink. If you believe in it then you don’t know football and I’m sorry. Even if Serbia were first I would never mention it because I know that the standings are a joke.


Are you kidding me?

Panathiakos, Red Star, Steuea Bucharest, Dinamo Zagreb, Partizan, Levski Sofia, Rapid Bucahrest, Olympiakos, Hajduk Split, AEK Athens, CSKA Sofia, Dinamo Bucharest

Let’s make this a reality for a rise in football in our countries, for more money in our countries, and for peace and reconciliation. I am holding out an olive branch it is up to you guys to take it.

Wow nice post Boris my credits to you! but i just want to sat that itt still isn’t very safe in Zagreb and Belgrado. I’ve been alot in Serbia and it is a beautiful country with nice people but be onest..if you walk in Serbia (as a Croat) in a Croatian shirt wiuldn’t they punch us? same thing would also happen in Zagreb so thatswhy i don’t think it’s a good idea to plan a balkan superleague in Croatia/Serbia and about you’re league i tottaly agree that you’re team have done it better in Europe, Dinamo Zagreb won only once the Uefa cup in 1967(than it was called the fairs up, after 1971 they called it the Uefa Cup but still it is the same tournement) but if i have it correct Partizan won 3 times the Uefa cup

Im with you %100, lets just hope it works out like the way you say it. There is a real possibilty for this league, all balkan countries are doing better and better every year and it could certainly benefit our cuntries. There is going to be problems along the way, but like you said over time they will slowly fade away. I wish more prople had the same view, People in Croatia kill each other over Dinamo rivals, just imagine partizan, or red star. This league will certainly have to be orginized very well, with the riight people and attitude it could be achieved.

Are you kidding… working together.. every single game there would be pitch invasions punch ons outside the grounds. I mean just look at the leagues now, dinamo and hajduk belt the f*@k out of eachother everytim they play as do red star and partizan. And to think they are cro vs cro n serb vs serb fights. We have seen towards the end of the old yugo league that we cant be in the same league. Torca would join with dinamo at their games just so they could kill the grobari or the delije. and then they would fight over who is tougher. Although it is widely known torca are the toughest in the world the serbs would try to fight etc as the croats would and it would just cauz havoc. WOULD NOT MIND WATCHIN THESE FIGHTS ON YOUTUBE BUT


Oh so your saying it’s better to have the 2,000 attendence in matches. Oh and those are for the big clubs little clubs would be lucky if they could get a couple hundred. If this league was made hooligans would be kicked out why? because then the clubs wouldn’t need them. When you have a group that is almost 80% of your regular attendence then you depend on them and they have a say in your club. That is why the Delije, Grobari, and BBB are so powerfull but once you get more and more regular fans coming and it becomes what football should be a family time event then they will start banning flares, nationalist signs, songs and kick out people who start fights. That is what people should strive for because those people discrace the game. People say oh the British are so violent and they have those morons too but they are controlled and when you watch a match you don’t see any of that crap and it is some place that you could take your kids. Our clubs want to emulate the big teams trust me and this would help them do it. This league would easily be in the top 5 in the world if made making these temas more respected more wealthier and more succesfull in European competitions. Nobody tries to follow Croatian/Bosnian etc. soccer except our people but this league would be watched worldwide just like the EPL and La Liga. Trust me if there’s anything that can convince people it is money and that is something that everyone can understand.

@ Luka

Thanks and I ma honest. Unless you are starting trouble you will not be bothered. If I came in Zagreb with like flags and singing and being an ass of coarse you would get mad but i would have no problem going to a cafe sitting down and then in the middle of a convo telling someone i was form nis or beograd none at all. I think most people are past the hatred and stupidity like I said before seljaci and kids that don’t even know anything about the war.

5 years ago this conversation would not have happened. The fact we are even TALKING about it says everything. This being the balkans, it would take several years to implemant, anyways. In 3-5 years, hostility would be decreased even more by 30-40%.
This is not a favour to any, but a favour to every nation involved. Our leagues are absolute shite-they’re just to small. But lets get real-it would only consist of ex-Yu nations. Greece has no need for the change and Bulgaria is outside our orbit. Yu was a country of 25 million-perfect size for a league.
I’ll go farther and say that some form of this idea will materialize inevitably. The only question is when… If clubs want to remain solvent, much less competitive, something drastic must be done…I predict that it will.

It sucks that croatian league is too small to be on ESPN.
So it wouldn’t be a bad idea having a superleague with balkan countries, and i agree with boris, that would do great to all the clubs involved in terms of money and projection. All I have to watch you guys is youtube, dailymotion, etc., unless Dinamo or serbian Red Star go to UEFA playing with some big club, and there are croats playing in Germany, England, Italy.

Well Yugoslavia and the war are not that old and it is understandable that some of u still have feelings about. But many aspects of going big in football could speed up if you could concentrate on the show itself. Since Croatia is applying for EURO, a superleague would be a good training for that, and it would be great to be out there in 2012 and watch the games in nice seats with no fights or war anthems, just the usual despair/euphoria football thing…

Its going to be interesting to see what the future of Croatian soccer is going to be like…

I heard Romario wants to play in Romania!? because he wants to beat Pele in scoring the most goals!??

He should of come to Croaia…arent we better then Romanias league??

And yea, many teams wouldnt want to Join The Balkan league, Well Croatia probably would, Serbia, and bosnia…But Greece? Bulgaria? I dunno about them… But it would be cool if they joined too.


ESPN doesn’t show football anyway not even English and Spanish so the chances of being on there is slim to none anyway. Oh and this league would have nothing to do with the national teams at all so that whole EURO 2012 thing is irrelevent besides there is no way any country in the balkans could host by itself. You would have to share it but anyways again this wouldn’t be “good training” because the NT’s wouldn’t play each other just clubs. For instance Red Star a Serbian team has players that aren’t Serbian just like Dinamo has some Brazilian guys. The only good warmup for that is just friendlies. I definanlty can feel it that in 08 both of our countries will be in the Euro hopefully out of the first round though.

@ Denis

Romania’s league is MUCH MUCH better then Croatia’s league and Serbia’s. Go look at the link I gave you up there. Steuea was in the Champions League group stage playing with Madrid and Lyon. I heard he was goign to play in like Australia’s league but anyway even if he breaks it nobody will care he’s not good enough to shine Pele’s boots. Moving on I think Greece/Bulgaria would also realize that they would make money and instead of having 2 or 3 teams win every year they would have competition.

@ Alex
Man I hope more people see that like we do. tiem heals all wounds and some realize it faster which is what I have always been about. For me it was always easy I have Bosnian Muslim and Croatian family and how could I hate them for what they are. nobody has a choice and I would not want them to see me any differently either. I am a proud Serb and I love Serbia but that doesn’t mean that I hate anyone. Sure there was a terribel war but people dont control politics and its never the peoples fault hopefulyl when I have kids they can tell a Croat that they are Serb and the response would be the same if they said they were French or German or Irish. That is what I want.

Just to inform all of you that don’t know the Balkans already have a unified basketball league with teams from slovenia, bosnia, croatia, serbia and the new montenegro. I think slowly people will see hey this league has benefited from it and since football is even more important to us why not do the same thing to improve it as well. Instead of watching Red Star beat a team in a high school stadium by 4 goals why not travel to Greece’s biggest stadium or croatia’s or romania’s adn watch two good teams battle in a close match. Why? because of stupid pride? Fuck that I would much rather say hey our league is garbage and i know Red Star or partizan will win every year and I want to do what’s best for the sport. In baskletball because of the joining of balkan basketball Serbia has a team in the final 16 in the Euroleague and four in the Uleb Cup. I mean that is very good and we could not have done that wiht just our league. Why not see if we can do this in football as well.


Boris, ESPN in Brazil brings the main football leagues/competitions/cups all over the world, like Libertadores da América, and UEFA, La Liga, Bundesliga, Premier League, etc., and I wish i could saw u guys in there.

And I obviously know the difference between national teams on EURO and a league with the clubs from the different countries of the Balkans. I went to good schools (so I know geography and history) and I have a good father (so I understand the game). =p

What I mean with “training” was about the fan’s side, to get all the fun without the troubles. If Red Star Belgrad and Dinamo Zagreb supporters cannot share the same staduim without kicking each others, maybe the decision takers wouldn’t think on a croatian EURO as a good idea…

And by the way, Romario will play for Vasco, a great team from Brazil… he is not young anymore, and I really think he doesn´t want to “adapt” anymore, just want to play and get his thousand goals…

Our ESPN never shows any football which is bad.

Oh and by the way I highly doubt that Croatia will host the Euro. Not anything against you guys personally but Croatia has many huge problems. First off it is a small country with only two or three big towns. Your going to need to hold a HUGE influx of people. Trains busses taxi’s there aren’t enough to hold all those people. The other and the main reason is because you have no good stadiums. Maksimir seats 38k and Poljud 34k. Those are the two biggest ones and those are virtually nothing. They are guarenteed ar least 65k and that means a drop in ticket sales which means a drop in merchandise being bought which also means a drop in revenue and UEFA being the money making machine will never accept that. There isn’t another stadium that is over 20k. Osijek is 19 and then it drops to 12. So I think hoping for the Euro is a dream not a possibility but you never know crazier things have happened.

President of FC Red Star Belgrade and legendary Serbian footballer Dragan Stojkovic on the Balkan SuperLeague –

“Crvena zvezda will always be interesting in joining something what would be for a greater good of our football. However, for the Balkan Super League we need to have all the national associations and clubs to be united as well as to get a green light from UEFA. It’s a bit unrealistic at the moment but I strongly believe that we will see a Balkan Super Leauge in near future. Maybe the future of the Balkan football lies in a united league of it’s many nations.”

So officials from Dinamo and Red Star have already mentioned this and both are on board do you guys think this actually might happen?

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