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Best Player of 2006 Confusion

Posted on: January 4, 2007

zidan.PNGFirst things first…I know this is not Croatian Socce Related but I had to put this in my blog!

Okay on its sais that Cannavaro “the Italian” did NOT actualy win the 2006 best player award! Zidane did! More people voted for him. So I guess they will take away Cannavaros best player trophy and handit to Zidane.

So what if Zidane Head Butt some player on the field. That doesnt mean that he wasnt the best soccer player. YEa yea unsportmanlike but Matarazzi had it coming, you know you dont mess with french peoples mothers. But seriously why would you talk smack to a legend, didnt Matarazzi have any respect for him? Anyways he deserved what he got I belive..and yes Im done!! This is very old news…lets Concentrate on our Beloved croatia!


2 Responses to "Best Player of 2006 Confusion"

Materazzi is a swine. That’s all I have to say about that.

Italians are crazy. I agree with you he is a swine. But is it fair to take something away that the FIFA gave him?

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