Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Croatia is The Best Team In Europe

Posted on: January 4, 2007


I know what you might say! No they aren’t. But I personaly belive that they currently are the best team in europe.If I was another team, the team that I would want to play the least would be Croatia. Croatia has been always an unpredictable team. We beat great teams, and occesionaly draw against crapy once, and very rarely lose against crapy teams.

Why do I belive Croatia  has the best team right now? It quite simple…”The Players” I know Croatian players arent the most recognized in the world. But we play with heart, honor and pride. Its rare to see these things in other teams. Our players are special in their own ways. No one could replace them…just like no one could replace the 1998 team.

Im not suprised that we  have a great Croatian team. Soccer in croatia is played and loved by everyone. And when people say Croatian soccer is young, I usualy agree, but soccer in thins region was always popular.


3 Responses to "Croatia is The Best Team In Europe"

i must say right now we have a team that can come close or even go past the 1998 team…its a long shot but alot of young talent we have will be ready for euro 08 n we wil make our mark…i wouldent say we r the best team…olny because we arent as reliable as i like…we could have beat brazil but still lose to japan,vs englad we held the entire game to our favor, n i dont care about the own goal…we still would have won…but then to russia we couldent score…as soon as we stay stable we will become a top ranked n feared team

Hell yea we gotta hella good team, we gon be good in 2008, I never felt so confy with this team…so much more reliable then at the world cup.

Were gonna win euro 2008, I have a good feeling…………………

I also have a good feelin about Africa 2010, and Euro 2012 in Croatia…

Damn…we gonna ge betta and betta

the game against russia we didnt have anyone and we were low on confidence from the world cup……
we have done extremely well soon…if wee keep winning we will do awesome!

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