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I.Klasnic and R.Kovac Possible move to Manchester City

Posted on: January 5, 2007

Croatias Ivan Klasnic and Robert Kovac might move to Manchester City. This is my thought on this topic. Ivan Klasnic will do great if he plays there, he is a straight forward player, he turns and shoots…and thats how you score in the premiership in England. Robert Kovac on the otherhand would probably still do well. He is a tad old, but he is a quality player, as many of us have seen when he played for Croatia, and Juventus.

Overall I think this would be a good move for both of them. I really enjoy the FA Premier league now that Kranjcar is there. Hopefully more and more Croatian players will play over there.


11 Responses to "I.Klasnic and R.Kovac Possible move to Manchester City"

Thats would be an aweseome move… This is would greatly benfit our playera and our leages Finacialy. Klasnic is aweseome and Robert is too. I really hope this happends!!

Would be great for Robert since he can adapt easily to the EPL way of playing, as for Klasnic, he may not be fit enough, but he’s strong enough to play forward. it’s a 50/50 for him.

Kranjcar isn’t doing too well for Pompey, he’s not getting regular starts and he’s getting lazier.

Yea Kranjcar is good enough hejust doesnt get enough playing time I belive.

hes playin alot of late.. i watchhim as much as i can when hes on fox.. i think he struggles with the physical side of the english game thats very noticeable but then he comes in and shows the skill that we all kno he has and looks brilliant.. im prepared to give him tilll the middle of next year to see what niko is all about because the english premiership would be the hardest to adapt to.. if u are not the fittest person.. u look at those black guys from africa, france etc they might ot be the most skillfull but they use there strength and size well so yer niko will be a gun though i am 100% certain of this ……… i jus wish he went to celta vigoo!!

steve yea I think we have to wait for Kranjcar just little bit untill he gets used to playing with them. After that I think he will earn a starting spot on the team. The epl is a tough league, and pompey is near the top. There is also a Serbian player on the team..he never gets to play, I just hope he doesnt end up like him.

yea I heard the thing about Celta Vigo…before Pompey called, I wonder if that would of been a better idea to play in spain..

But honestly guys…think about Nikos Skills,now put him in the Midfield of Barcelonas team..he would do amazing!!…just think about this. Ronaldinho, Deco, Niko, Messi in the midfield!! I get goosbumps just thinking about it!!

As a kid, Niko did say it would be a dream to play for Barcelona. He loves the team, and he’d really like to play in La Liga.

Apperently Celta’s bid wasn’t goood enough though.

hahahah he is a spoiled kid indeed, but we all have dreams…

Celta de vigo and rennes aren’t the only clubs that are interested in him..also Lyon, Valencia and Benfica wants Niko to play for them

Niko is not playing for Celta de Vigo because Celta couldn´t afford to pay for him, and Pompey did.

English League is definitely a harsh one. It looks like referees only stop the game if there is a concussion/faint or some exposed bone. See what happened to Pedro Mendes, or Cech.

But my europpean favs are strong enough. I like Kovac in Juventus (even with that counter goal!), but Klasnic really could use a move. And England would do great on him.

LOL…it really is true, you actualy need to get injured before the Ref blows the whistle for a foul in the english game.

yea…Klasnic needs to get out of Werder, they just dont seem to like him anymore. A move to Manchester City would be great.

they should go

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