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AC Milan Offers Ronaldinho 110 Million

Posted on: January 6, 2007

According t0 Silvio Berlusconi, founder of AC Milan, and as they call him the 12 Billion dollar man is offering Bercelonas Ronaldinho a staggering amount 110 Million Dollars! Yes I did not make a spelling error. 110 million Dollars!!!

I know this is not Croatian soccer related, but its big news indeed. First I have to ask you guys this question…Is Ronaldinho worth 110 Million Dollars?  I belive he is, maybe even more…

AC Milan has great players on their team, and just think about Ronaldinho coming in, they would be unbeatable in Italy.

Do you guys believe Ronaldinho would accept a move to AC Milan for that amount of money?

Anyways please give me your feedback on this topic….


4 Responses to "AC Milan Offers Ronaldinho 110 Million"

I think he’s absolutely worth it. It’s not like 110 Million Dollars is going to affect the “12 Billion Dollar Man”, thats like pocket change. Personally I don’t think he will accept, I think that he loves Barcelona, and doesn’t want to change. But money is powerfull and it could change his mind.

Croatia FTW!

Yea I know he is worth it, he loves Barca tho, its gonna be a hard decision..

I don’t think he’s worth it. He doesn’t track back, doesn’t contest headers, he maybe be great in offensive, but a class player can do all. Even the most offensive midfielder knows when he has to be most defensive. Ronaldinho doesn’t even try.

but if he played for barcelona he would track back trust me…because you mess up and your off the starting line

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