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Rate this player: Igor Budan

Posted on: January 7, 2007


I dont really know that much about Igor Budan. But I know that hes been good news lately. I didnt see him play that much, once or twice…since my Fox soccer channel is out for while. What do you guys think of this guy? Educate me…

Hes Croatian so he must be good…lol


7 Responses to "Rate this player: Igor Budan"

hehe well ive been following his progress alot.. most satisfied with what i hear from igor.. his a big kinda guy good techbique pretty good with both feet and an exceptional header of the ball, uses his size very well and his goal scoring record says that 2 in a tough league like the serie a ..I just want him to get a chance to play for croatia i think hes 1 of top 3 forwards might be even better if given a chance so yer i hope bilic watches him and gives him a started birth against norway… peace

He’s the only reason why Parma have been getting goals. Thankfully he’s only there on loan because at the moment, I have a feeling they will be regulated.

Else from that, great header, strong foward, he was praised as the new Alen Boksic, he also was plagued with injuries like him, but looks like he’s back in form.

yep..lets hope he can get around 20 goals for the season? i hope that isn’t asking to much ajde igor

hmmm.. He sounds like a good player, I cant wait to see him play for Croatia. It looks like all the Croatian players are doing a good job at the moment, it going to be hard to make an official starting line up…lol

Yer tru lol.. its a good headache to have for bilic i guess 🙂

Yes, Budan is a dangerous player. he’s a big guy and agile, he is excellent in the air, i’ve noticed that most of his goals are headers, but he also creates alot of chances and gets in good positions. I think he’d be handy against a smaller kinda team, for example…Japan in the world cup..i reckon he would have been good especially with all them corners we were getting. i am a true beleiver of having 1 quick tricky type sriker and another tallish hold up aerial type player. da silva/budan or da silva/petric for me in the starting XI

Ante I couldnt agree more! 🙂 It like you read my mind

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