Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Which Croatian Forwards Should be Starters?

Posted on: January 7, 2007


We have 5 talented forwards: Ivan Klasnic, the Werder Bremen guy, Dudu, Dinamos Zagrebs goal scorer, Ivica Olic, the CSKA Moscow Paintrain, Balaban, Club Brugge amazing goal scrorer, and Mladen Petric, the Best League Player in the Swiss Mountains.

I know this is a tough one for some of you. But for me it quite simple. I pick Eduardo Da Silva, and Petric. They were doing great in our first qualification rounds, and therefore I would continue using them in the starting line up. Maybe Mladen Petric is just lucky, since he only played for croatia a couple of times, i still didnt see his full potential. My second option if Petric doesnt do goodin the future is Klasnic.

Balaban and Olic are great player but imagen them two playing on top with each other, they would probably never score. balaban occesinaly scores, and so does Olic, they are too unconsistant for me. But thats just me, let me know what you think…who do you think should start and why?


6 Responses to "Which Croatian Forwards Should be Starters?"

Show some love for Igor Budan. lol

LOl I totaly forgot about him

Its hard to decide who to put on top….But I trust Bilic with the decision…

da silva 100%…not klansic he hasent done n e thing to prove himself….petric ,then olic,then klansic..and buden over bablan

sketchkov —–aha sounds good I can see what you mean….i like the way you look upon them as of who proves him self.

I personaly think Da Silva, and Petric for now… should start

put Petric and Balaban or Da Silva
I would do this for the Macedonia match and then in the friendly against Bosnia I would give Budan a go with Petric and see how that goes.
If they do well give Budan a go in other qualifying matches!

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