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The Great Niko Kranjcar

Posted on: January 8, 2007


Croatian Player Niko Kranjcar is aweseome, there is no doubt about it. Here is a clip attached from him playing for Portsmouth. He plays very well just imagine him playing for Barcelona…..
You have to watch this video…you will see some move its a cool little 1 minute clip from youtube.  What are your reactions to Niko Kranjcar and his playing style. Do you belive he is something special? 


6 Responses to "The Great Niko Kranjcar"

Yea guys what do you guys think of the video?? Impressed at all? lol

I guess Im just a fan of Niko Kranjcar. I just like players who dribble…its more entertaining. So thats why my 2 fav National team players are Dudu, and Niko Kranjcar.

No doubt he’s a great technical player, good dribbler and also creative, but he has his lazy days where he just doesn’t try.

I watched that match you posted up, he was phenomenal even though Pompey lost.

He needs more regular starts, since Bilic has claimed he will not play players who don’t start regularly for their club. Would Niko be an exception, we will see about that…

Yea I wonder what Bilic will decide for Niko Kranjcar. I heard that he might leave portsmouth soon, and play in the potugees or French league…

Renne is hot on his trail. Chances are France is his next move if he doesn’t get regular. I have hope though he will flourish at Pompey. He’s just need this one season past him.

EPL isn’t the easiest league to adapt to, that’s for sure.

Yea I heard the french are after him, but I dont really follow the french league so I hope he stays in england…

Niko is one of Croatia’s most over-rated players. Believe me guys you ahve much much better he is an embarasement. he onyl played because of his daddy. portsmouth see’s his slow decision making and poor passing abilities. That is why he never plays over there. Modric is 50x the player Niko is.

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