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Marko Babic: WANTED by Red Bull Salzburg

Posted on: January 9, 2007


Croatian International Marko Babic might join Austrian side Red Bull Salzburg. Croatias Niko Kovac is already playing with Salzburg, and Babic might join him. The team is coached by  Lother Matthaus. Babic is now 25 years old, and the question is…is this a good move for such a young talented player?

This is what I think……I think he is too young to go to such a weak league. He is a quality player and deserves better. I think if he goes to Salzburg it could possibly ruin his reputation, unless he plays very well, and his stay there is only short term.

Whats your opinion….?


4 Responses to "Marko Babic: WANTED by Red Bull Salzburg"

I like babic, he is a solid player. He doesnt make many mistakes, and he is fast!

i belive he shouldnt go.. i thinkk he is fine in the bundesliga also think he has the potential to play maybe in england cause of his pace and occasional skills so yer i dont think this would benefit him

RedBull Salzburg is a great Autrian team don’t get me wrong, with time they will be going places, but Babic should stay in the Bundesliga for now.

I agree with you, the team is good, but he just too young to go to a lesser known league..he should stay in the bundeliga a bit longer, perhaps he might get a call from Munchen, or other etter teams.

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