Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Croatia Set Friendly With Saudi Arabia

Posted on: January 10, 2007

Croatia arranged a friendly Match with Saudi Arabia in Zagreb, March 28th, 2007 4 days “AFTER” the Macedonia Euro2008 Qualifier game.

Saudi Arabia is currently ranked 64th.

Croatia also has a friendly February 7th against Norway in Rijeka. This will give Slaven Bilic the oppertunity to test other talents on the Croatian squad. Who should croatia play in the friendlys…give me a starting line up.


15 Responses to "Croatia Set Friendly With Saudi Arabia"


My Startin line up….

HEHEH Croatia vs the saudis…. 3-1
Croatia vs Norway…….. 3-0

I wish they selected better matches, we r gonna beat both of those teams

Swweeet web site finaly a Croatian blog lol! Im tired of reading just news

C-RO-A-T-I-A thank you…its what I was going for 🙂

id have srna on the right wing… budan upfront with whoever, leko in the middle with niko and yerr sounds about right.

I think Bilic will play fresh legs for these friendlies.

I expect a Budan/Da Silva duo on the field, or maybe that other Cro from Basel…

I forget his name; he has a lot of potential

hehe you mean petric 🙂

4 days before the match against us? Isn’t this too risky?

Nope… croatia has everything under control

I dont mean to offend you…but I think croatia is going to beat macedonia 2-1 and if we have a good day 3-0

Nice site! However, you’ve made an error on this post. Croatia play Saudia Arabia 4 days AFTER they play Macedonia. They play Macedonia on the 24th of March and Saudia Arabia on the 28th. I’m pretty sure they scheduled the match on that day because there are plenty of official euro qualifying matches played on the 28th. Croatia doesn’t have an official match scheduled for that day so they booked a friendly against an opponent that was both available to play and of course, willing to play and travel to Croatia.

“Nice site! However, you’ve made an error on this post” -Nick

Nobodies perfect.

Either way, they are gonna win.

Croatia FTW!

Not Petric, Dennis. There’s this other kid.

I think his name is Ivan Rakitic. Bilic has talked about him saying he’s gonna be one of the huge players for Croatia one day.

Hey thanx for notifying the errors, I will change it immeadiatly!

I guess I was reading the information on the friendly matches way to fast…

@Torcida…aha i know eho you mean

I would put this team forward!

———petric—da silva———–

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