Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Croatia Hungry Candidates for UEFA Euro2012

Posted on: January 11, 2007


I hope we get to host Euro2012, it would be a very special tournament for all croatians.We all know after the war happend we knew it would take a long time to rebuild, and all the soccer fans knew that we werent going to host a Majore soccer tournament anytime soon. But Croatia has recovered from the war fairly fast, and is interested in having a peacefull and fun nation. Croatia has been known to be a fanatic soccer country for a long time now.

Croatia is also very close to entering the European Union, which will hopefully strenghthen the economy, and make croatia an even better place.

Croatia to me seems to be getting better and better every year. Economicly and soccer wise.

Im not a fortune teller, but look at this possibilty…
2007-Croatia Qualifies for Euro2008 early
2008-Croatia Win Euro2008
2008-Croatia and Hungry win Bidd to Host Euro2012
2009-Croatias Starts Qualification For Africa World Cup 2010
2010-Croatia Qualifies for World Cup
2010-June-Croatia wins Word Cup
2011-Croatia Automaticly Qualified for Croatia Hungry Euro2012
2012-Croatia Wins Euro2012

If this happens….I would be in shock! Actualy I wouldn’t. We all know Croatia has a good team, we are World Class copetitors am I righ?


11 Responses to "Croatia Hungry Candidates for UEFA Euro2012"

yo yo it wud be nice, I was in croatia this summer it was so fun! Hot chicks, nice beaches, aweseome food, I couldnt asked for more!

Can wait to move back to croatia.I just gotta wait till it becomes part of the European Union.

yep, me too im moving back to croatia very soon. America is a great place. Ive been living here for 5 years now, I just miss the poeple and the soccer in croatia.

Its annoying baseball and football…the World Series In baseball doesnt involve other countries..?? So why is is it called the world serier??

loll i live in Australia.. and i’ve never been to Croatia 😦 so sad i know but i will go 1 day.. i’ve heard wonderful things about it the chicks most of all LOL gotta love it the beaches etc food thats my wish go to Croatia ahh lets hope 1 day 🙂

I’m in Canada, I go there about every summer.

lol no body here actualy lives in croatia.

Steve….I almost moved to australia It was eather USA, or australia..but australia was WAy to far so we decided to come here in the US.

In Canada they have a place where many croatians live..I think its Toronto.

Sadly I live in the most boring part of the US…Iowa, yes Im probably the only croatian here.. There is a couple bosnians tho

hey All the Croatian will meet one day in croatia…We scaddered around when the war happend..but now that its over people are slowly coming back

omg the SARMA is so good, and pita, wow AND CEVAPCICI

Yah Toronto is packed with Cros, so is Hamilton..

Sadly, I live in Montreal, where the french walk the land… lol

lol use are funny blokes.. thers many Croatians in Australia particularly from Melbourne, and Sydney were im from so its all good.. but id love to visit the homeland of my dreams .. so ive herd thers like heaps of Croatians in the states how many in figures do u think ?

Hey Guys great news! According to

Lennart Jonahsson The president of European soccer..Said, It seems like Croatia-Hungry will win the bid for 2012!

Nothing…is certain yet, but its very very very very likely!

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