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Parma Lost 2-1 without Igor Budan

Posted on: January 11, 2007


Parma without Igor Budan lost 2-1 against Roma.

What does this tell us about Igor Budan? He is a vital part of the team, and without him they arent as good.

He could replace any forward on Croatias team. He has the strenght, the skill and the will. I smell a tough team this year, and the years to come. Croatia wasn’t this orginized in a long long time…yes we had a good team before but not like this. With Igor Budan it will be hard to hold Ivica Olic and Balalban on the squad.  Theres going to be allot of competition  among the player in the  practices and friendlys to earn a spot on the starting line up.

Is Igor Budan a threat to Croatias old forwards…like Olic, and Balaban?


2 Responses to "Parma Lost 2-1 without Igor Budan"

Igor Budan is a good player! I love the way he plays, hopefully Slaven will give him a chance when we play norway.

If you dont have Igor on your team shit happens lol 😉

LOL definately they suck without him. i’ve been folowing his progress all season and without Igor they rarely score or even draw , but with him he scores 70% of the time in all competitions but they might not win cause there backline must suck alot.. Anyways yes the reserve strikers should be scared cause i belive its Igors time and there might not be any stopping the big man 🙂

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