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Who is all First in their Euro2008 Groups?

Posted on: January 12, 2007

Well its going to surprise some of you. At the first glance you will not notice much. But as you look closly….

Group A: Finland is first in Group A, Serbia is second, and surprisingly Portugal is 4th with only 7 points..
Group B: In The second group, also known as the toughest group Scotland is first. “Yea so you might say” But In Group B France is 2nd, and Italy is 3rd, with Ukrain 4th! So how did Scotland do so good? I cant even explain it…
Group C: In Group C Turkey is first, followed by Greece, Noway and Bosnia which is in 4th place with 4 points. Not a suprise really.
Group D: This group isn’t surprising at all. Germany is first, and the big and strong chechs are 2nd.
Group E: In Our Group…”the Croatian Group” as I like to call it Croatia is first. In second place is Russia. But guess who is third? Its quite amazing ans surprizing…yes it England! Israel is 5th but share the same points as England..Macedonia is 4th also with 7 points. But they played 5 games while everyone played 4.
Group F: I guess Group F is tad supprising. Sweden is first(thats not the suprising part) Denemark is 2nd. But guess who is 5th with only 3 points??…….yep  its SPAIN!! Northern Ireland, and Latvia are ahead of them! lol
Group G: This group isnt a surprise at all. The Neatherlands are first, followed by the Bulgarians. And in third are the Romanians…


2 Responses to "Who is all First in their Euro2008 Groups?"

I cant belive this! I wasnt expecting italy, spain, england, and france to suck this bad!

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