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David Beckham Moves to USA for 252 Million

Posted on: January 13, 2007


Englands David Beckham Will Move to United Sates and will play for LA Galaxy. He and the club made a 10 year contract. He will be the highest ever payed athelete in the United States of America. He is so expensive, he will be payed 500 times more then the whole SQUAD OF LA GALAXY!

He will be payed $1.57 a second! Basicly $135,000 per day!

He will Stay and live in California With his new neighboors and friends, Tom Cruise, and J Lo!

His First Match will be against Chelsea, I guess Chelsea is coming to another US tour again..


1 Response to "David Beckham Moves to USA for 252 Million"

That is the worst american investment ever! He will sell good for the first year but after that, but after that he will be a big dissapointment.

Think about it, a 10 year or even a 5 year contract is too much! Beckham is an old man, there is only 2 years worth of soccer juice in him!

Im not dissing him, he is a good player, and Im blaming him for not being able to play for england against Croatia. Beckhams crosses are aweseome, and having peter crouch in the front will just boost england goal scoring.But NO!

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