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Portsmouth Coach Impressed With Kranjcar

Posted on: January 14, 2007


Portsmouth Coach, Redknapp is Impressed with Niko Kranjcar, he rated him an 8 out of 10! The same rating as he rated Kanu(Portsmouths star forward)  We all know Niko Kranjcar is a great telent, he plays a very beatiful style of soccer. Portsmouth fans and supporters  rated him as the  best player of the last match against Sheffield United.

This will greatly help his chances for a starting line up. I didn’t get any information if he is going to start in the  next match, but according to the coaches reaction, it seems very likely that he will be in the starting line up…but nothing is certain yet.


16 Responses to "Portsmouth Coach Impressed With Kranjcar"

yo yo I heard that on the news, its pertty exciting! Niko is getting better and better every game it seems.

He really is something special, hes not like other players, he has very good potential in becoming world recognized just like christiano ronaldo, and other dribblers.

by the way nice site its actualy updated

heh, you guys……….I always knew Niko is the best! He’s croatian duh!

Niko is a rare talent, and Portsmouth is lucky to have him, ROCKO I can see what you mean, he does remind me a little of Christiano Ronaldo. He just plays different then anyone else, and thats the trait that is very popular in football right now “DIFFERENT”

shoot, Niko is off the hook! He realy is a snazzy player! Im croatian and I have to vote him as Croatias best player. By that I mean the BEST midfielder of course.

as an english man I now realize what we were dealing with when we played Croatia in Euro 2008 qualifications. Niko is a fancy player but so are the rest of the croatians. I think england underestimated you guys and I belive that we deserved to lose against a team like yours.

I never have seen a team that orginized before. Bilic is really doing a great job. And I think people should relize that Croatia should not be recond with if you are not prepared, because what you are going to get is a kick in the ballz.

Well Portsmouth:) Im glad you finaly ge it!! lol just kidding. I have respect for the english team. Well I didnt but now I do .

I honestly belive that England came to Croatia scared, well maybe not scared but nervouse. As you might of already known, England wasnt doing very good to begin with. England coach made too many changes way to fast, and therefor screw it up for england. He made the team unconfident (lol thats not even a word, but you know what i mean) he just messed with the english teams heads. You could see it in the payers faces they just werent happy. And I didnt sense any pride eather.

yay, I knew that kid had it in him

Niko Kranjcar is soon going to become Croatias Most Expensive player!

I heard Srna will stay and Shahtar D. And Babic moght move to betis.

at first i thought niko was on the world cup team caus of his dad…but watching him play i saw glimpses of greatness…his shot that hit the post,his dribbling past brazil defence…then i realized hes gona become one of the great ones…and watching the team under bilic its much more organized and more more deadly..with strikers like da sila n petric and midfeild like kranjcar,modric,kovac,srna n babic..and a strong defence they r gona go far…HRVATII!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s the source? i mean where can you find the compliments that Rednapp is giving Niko?

I think it was on or

Check one of those two, you should find it.

i really can’t find it..

btw: Niko won’t play the next match for Portsmouth because he is injured for 2 weeks that is written on that site that you gave me(24sata)

aw crap….really? I didnt check the site for a couple of days now…

yes that sucks indeed he just proved to Redknapp that he is the right man for Pompey and now he is injured.. but i believe he will prove again that he is very good afterall it is a Croat;)

hehe…yep hes good, like you said hes a Croat 🙂

Each game he adjusts better to the speed of the EPL. He still runs in slow motion(I expect the sound to drop an octave when he runs) but he doesn’t take his time on the ball like he used to(and he always keeps it, like its glued to his foot). If he’s made this progress in 6 months, I can only imagine next season…

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