Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Proof That Croatia is Europes Brazil!-see video for evidence

Posted on: January 17, 2007


I know ….. you probably hate it when I write nonesense like this. But you have to understand Im a hardcore Croatian International Soccer fan!

First thing first….As you already know Croatia is doing great. But do you know when was the last time they did this aweseome!? You probably do, 1998. I know I shouldnt talk about the Golden generation, but its reminder of when Croatian soccer was introduced to the world.

Our Team, then and now…The Croatian team now is top class. We have an absoulute amazing Coach, and players that are very rare, they have all the skills a fan and people expect them to have…just like in 1998.

Why am I comparing Brazil with Croatia?
Well its quite simple, I have a video of croatia playing, it will show you the skills that Croatia has. This is a year old video…so basicly our current players are even better!
If you watch closly how Croatia is passing the ball and controlling you will see what i mean. There is a similar video of Brazil vs Italy when Brazil passes for a while, and then score without Italy touching the ball, EVER! Just watch and Enjoy………


9 Responses to "Proof That Croatia is Europes Brazil!-see video for evidence"

grrrrr….I get goosebumps every time I see that Kranjcar Goal at the end….

Anyways did you see the bigginig…did you see the passing skills. of croatias most beatiful plays in my opinion. Make sure you look at all the details.

hey Denis i have a question.. what will hapen to the site when the euro 2008 is over?

I dunno, I will probably make a new one for the world cup in africa 2010…unless I become a pro soccer player….

I will probably abendon this web site…

oohh yea sweet video! Croatia really is something this time around . Big inproovement since dissapointing world cup.

“Croatia Euoropes Brazil”
I can honestly imagine croatia being Europes top team. the players that we have now are super aweseome.

SRNA JUST HAD TO MISS THE DAMN PENALTY!! against japan..I still cry when I see that shit…

Dario WHY!!! Why did have to make me suffer! 🙂 lol no for real he did make me suffer. I was waiting 4 years for the world cup! And thats how he repays my waiting….

cool, if you make one for 2010 promise me you will tell about in in jadransport or a other Croatian football site

Jadransport didnt want to advertise for me….I asked them nicely but he complained because it was a blog, and he said I would have to follow Croatias League News too..

Hey Denis, yes when the cro’s are playing at their best they look super good. i will spread the word about your site , its really good !

@ Ante, Thanx man i would appreciate it!

Hey if any of you guys know if Niko is Going To Start for Portsmouth next game let me know.

According to LukaCroatia Kranjcar will not even play the next game because he is injured….! I know its crazY!

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