Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Slaven Bilic: We will take it game by game

Posted on: January 17, 2007


Croatias Coach “Slaven Bilic”came back from a ski trop, he said that he couldn’t get soccer out of his head.

Croatias Meeting

Slaven bilic will hold a meeting in Rijeka some time before the friendly against Norway. He insisted that he will experiment with other players on the pitch. He will probably play Igor Budan and maybe some other croatian soccer players that didn’t play much. Although he will not go too crazy with te experimenting, he said that he really wants to beat Norway. A loss could ruin our confidence. 
Igor Tudor Got a call from Bilic

Igor Tudor got a call from croatias coach. Igor Tudor was aking for a call from Slaven. Tudor was complaining that Bilic didnt pay attention to other croatia soccer players, but he didnt blame him since Croatia was doing such a good job in the qualification rounds. He sais he is still interested in playing for Croatia, and hopes Slaven Bilic will give him a chance to prove himself. So bascly his wish came true, he better do something magical against Norway.
Eduardo Da Silva

Dudu is a great player, in an interview with the vecernji list he said he cant wait for the next soccer matches. He said that he enjoys playing for the croatian national Team so much, he likes the attention he gets, and he belives more clubs are watching him when he plays in checkered jersey. It will be hard for the Croatian League to hold on to Eduardo, he is a class act and he will make us proud in any league. We are truely lucky to have him on the national team. We will do great things with him on our team.


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