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Bilic Selected Squad for Norway

Posted on: January 22, 2007


Slaven Bilic Selected the squad who is coming to the Norway friendly, and bassically who is coming is everyone! He is even bringing injured players: Ivan klasnic, Niko Kranjcar, Tudor and Knezevic. He selected 26 players to show up for the Norway match! It will be a full bench…

Slaven Bilic still didn’t select the Starting line up.

Goal Keepers:
Stipe Pletikosa, Vedran Runje, Mario Galinovi
Ćorluka, Dario Šimic, Robert Kovač, Josip Šimunic, Goran Sablić, Dario Knežević, Hrvoje Vejić, Ante Šeric, Igor Tudor
Niko Kova
č, Luka Modrić, Milan Rapaić, Niko Kranjčar, Darijo Srna, Jerko Leko, Marko Babić, Danijel Pranjić
Mladen Petri
ć, Eduardo da Silva, Boško Balaban, Ivica Olić, Ivan Klasnić, Igor Budan


14 Responses to "Bilic Selected Squad for Norway"

But wasn’t Knezevic with a fracture on the head?

I dont really know, bur on the web site where I got this from information from it said he is bringing everyone. So I guess he just wants everyone to come even though they arent going to get to play, all the crippled once will be there too just observing instead of playing though.

yep ur right Melissa.. Knezevic wont play Sablic, Tudor, Seric and Klasnic also wont play ..good to seee Budan in there hop he gets a goal 🙂

it’s a good squad..even the injured players are coming to show their support and keep a good vibe amongst the players. Bilic believes that having all players present keeps the moral high. I like his way of thinking.
good luck to cro..prediction
Croatia 2-1 Norway.

im thinking more 3-1….does it say who he is gona start?

No it didnt say who will start, he didnt select his starting line up yet…

My opinion is Petric is a good footballers..butPetric scored 4 gouls to the weak Andorra but to the strong England he didn’t scored and in football it is for a attacker important to always score so why isn’t Bilic giving Rukavina a chance? i think he could do bether than Petric because important in football is to win and you can only winn if you make goals and you also have to score against the strong teams not only to the weak teams!!

@LukaCroatia I know petric did score 4 goals agaist andorra but if you watched the england game, he almost scored a header, and he had a couple of other opportunities. In my opinion I think he was just unlucky that particular game, I think if we played him again he would score. If your a good soccer player, then your are considered one against any team. There isnt any aweseome players that are only good against crappy team. If your good, your good, if your not, your not.

I think petric has what it takes, but I would have to see him play just a couple more games to make sure he is a quality player. Because I know many player they score allot of goals the first game and then they never score again in the middle of the season. Petric won the best player award in Switzerland, which is no easy task. I think he has gained allot of confidence from games in the swiss mountains. Like I always say, confidence and pride is the most important thing in soccer.

I think Petric is good enough.. the guys got as good technique as Da Silva better then most in the Cro team i dont have any worries about him but i would like to see Rukavina.. i have seen clips and he is a stunning player so it would have been good to give him a shot but maybe he has to wait his turn due to all our strikers being in good form last year pretty much except Klasnic who had many injuries etc.. anywais i just wanna see Budan lol hope he gets a run and scores thenn he will give Bilic a big big headache.. would be hard to pick the Cro attacking team atm but Bilic is a smart dude keep it up

@LukaCroatia u have a realy good point, but if u notice bilic has alot of faith in petric, mb he is trying to get him ready for euro n the world cup,figuring keep pushing him,petric is awsome but i havent got to see Rukavina ,mb for the friendly he should have moved him in there, i also know budan is a skilled player…mb in the furture they will be called up,but i guess bilic gets the final call’

n e one else feel like players like olic n klansic let u down? i had so much faith in them in the past i thought they were gona be awsome players but they rele havent done n e thing for me, they kinda became second string in croatias line up..n i remeber a few yrs ago they were so up and coming

i mean klasnic had a good year last year.. and he was pretty much our number 1 striker with prso but olic i dont have many good words to say about him hes pretty dissapointing .. hes a quik guy with a good left foot just doesnt kno how to score offen but yer i think klasnic when he gets back fit has still got it im not prepared to give up on him just yet

Prediction- CROATIA- 2 NORWAY- 0

Croatians can beat those Norwegians any day! I agree with the Ante guy, I like Bilic’s way of thinking of bringing all the players

I read in the Croatian papers that Bilic is “being forced” to call up Zivkovic, due to injuries of the back line. (Kovac and Simunic). Its all right for a friendly but it reminds us that our formerly first class back line will be retiring in a few years. We have a glut of midfielders and a healthy amount of forwards but our defense seems to be our future weakness (for a change).
Petric knows how to draw fouls-that is a very key skill. To score 6 goals in 2 games(OK, 5) is not reason to change our forward pair.
As far as our back-line, Babic sometimes plays left-back for Leverkusen, and Srna always plays right-back for Shaktar. Assuming Kranjcar and Modric start in left and center midfield, with Rapaic on the right, that would leave Simic and Corluka to be centerbacks. We are lucky that our wingers grew up playing as wingbacks in a 3-5-2…

yea, our defense looks a little weaker now, but I still feel confident in beating Norway. You see, if new croatian players come and play they will try extra hard to keep their spot in the squad. Its hard to take over Simunic’s spot or kovac’s spot.

It will certainly be a very interesting match, we will see new players and everything…

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