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New Brazilian for Croatias National Team

Posted on: January 24, 2007


His name is Etto, he plays for Dinamo, he is currently injured and what he currently has gotten is a croatian citizenship, this basically means he will want to play with his team mate and friend Eduardo da Silva! Hes been in Croatia for 2 years now, and he has never played for the brazilian national team, so he seems like the perfect candidate for Croatias National Team. Slaven Bilic has the right to call him up whenever he desires.

Would croatians be fine with Etto becoming another Brazilian player for the national team? I personaly have no idea, it all depends how good he is and how good his personality is.

One thing is for sure, this will attract allot more brazilian players in the croatian country. This is nothing new for croatia. The croatian team has bosnian born players on the team, german born, and even serbian born players. And now they could possibly have Brazilians. This to some people sounds strange, but many countries have players that were not citizens of a country they now play for.  Im eager to hear what you think on this topic.

I would appreciate if someone tells me about Etto’s skills on the field, because Im not very familiar with him. I just know he plays for dinamo. I found this article on


18 Responses to "New Brazilian for Croatias National Team"

I think its fine that we have a couple of foreign born players long as they are happy to play for the NT its okay. ETTO is a good player i’ve watched him play for Dinamo a few times and he is amongst the better players..him , modric, corluka and da silva are the main 4 players from what i saw. he is quick and good tackler, and runs alot..i like the look of him.
but i just dont want too many non cro born players cos i have a feeling we might lose the passion and heart that makes our national team so strong. we need to keep that strong.

very well said, we dont want to ruin the passion which we’re known to have as a soccer nation. To me croatia is a uniqe team, all the players are very close, and we play a very diffrent style of soccer. If you watch other teams you can feel the diffrence between the teams.

To many foreign players can change the teams and fans view of playing together. You can also lose pride which is a crytical thing in international soccer. I still think etto wouldnt be a bad idea for him to play on the national team. If he is dedicated to croatia tnen I support him %100

Yes i agree, its okay if he commits himself to play for us and proves himself also. it’s always nice to have a little brazilian flair in your team lol. I guess that bilos guy in Argentina being cro is kidna like a swap for da silva and Etto if u like 😛

lol You know bilos was thinking about playing for croatia but then he didnt want to, so i think he got some playing time for Argentina and now he will not be able to play for croatia anymore. To be honest I didnt really like him that much anyways, if you play for croatia you dont think about it because that shows your not dedicated to the croatian team.

wtf, does everyone here want Brazilians in Croatian National Team? on guy from a other country is enough (Eduardo) we don’t need Etto and besides Etto has nothing to do with Croatia, Eduardo is a little bit Croatian because he was a kid when he came in Croatia. i get frightened when i think about too much black guys in Croatia, we aren’t like the Netherlands or France who needs strangers so that they could play good football!! and about the players who are born in a other country, they are Croatian because they have Croatian parents so they aren’t Germans, Switzers or whatever. I’m born in Argentina makes me that a Argentin? NO WAY!! i’m 100% Croatian so that’s bullshit

P.S. which Croatian with Croatian parents is born in Serbia?

you were born n Argentina??? Bilos has croatian parents, and citizenship! And croatian dont want him to play on the national team. I was born in Derventa bosnia, and I consider myself a Croatian, because all my family is croatian, i dont have croatian citizenship right now, but I still plan to play proffesional soccer in croatia and then if Im lucky play for the national team. Actualy I live in the US right now with no citizenship of any countrys. All I’m saying is that if they didnt have this system where foreign players could play I wouldnt be allowed to even think about playing for croatia, I just like that they dont look at where you were born.

I wouldnt like too many foreign players on croatias team, because like I said in an other post above it could ruin croatias reputation and playing style. But I wouldnt mind if the person is super dedicated to croatia. By dedicated I mean like dreaming for playing for croatia since childhood. I guess etto would be kind of wierd for croatia because he was only in croatia for 2 years. But all it said that he had the right, and theat bilic could call him on the team if he wanted to.

Question is, in many europpean countries football became such a huge business that they forget to develop local talents, and choose to go to the “market”. And that makes them bring foreign kids (kids!, i mean, like eduardo at that time) to the teams. My cousin’s friend is like 15, 16, and it is flying to Lazio, Italy.

Well, talents shouldn’t be wasted in any field of human possibilities, but as i said before, brazilian football is not very organized. (…) Actually it is a mess. So the right thing would be to get it fixed, not only in Brazil, but in Latin America (the “exporters”), so they could make the little dudes go great.

Its not that Brazil is so much a mess as its huge. Its a cynical move for a Brazilian to want to play for our NT- hes doing it because he figures he wont make the Brazil team. Eduardo was 15 and most importantly, he was the first. Now we’ll see a bandwagon of third world players who have watched Eduardo (who at least took the leap into unknown territory) and think they can do the same. Eduardo’s great-hes now a Croat as far as I’m concerned-but lets not get carried away. Like someone said, the Kovac bros., Klasnic, etc., are ethnic Croats. France and Holland had blacks in their countries from their colonial past. Seedorf and Davids were born in Holland. All English black players were born there. Most French NT players were born there; the others moved as young kids…
Do we really want to become an outlet for 2nd rate Brazilians?

Eduardo has done marvels for the Croatian national side replacing that enourmous gap after Prso left. You people are F@#$@# spastic not to consider Eduardo or Etto a Croatian. I know for a fact Eduardo speaks Croatian perfectly, plays for the shirt honourably (both for Croatian and Dinamo). Thorough this, you can see he is Croatian at heart loving his fellow countrymen. This also applies for Etto if he feels the same way about playing for the shirt etc. It seems as if u di@#s have forgotten how Eduardo scored against Italy and England. Don’t be ‘would-be’ supporters. Watch Etto play first.
PS- How many other countries take advantage of similar situations. If people strongly oppose of foreigners playing for NT, FIFA should introduce rules regulating this!

yes but the black Brazilians that play in Turkey, The Netherlands and France are all born in that country and Etto is not born in Vroatia he came here when he was 23 so that’s not a reason to play for Croatia! But why do you want black people in our NT? Are you afraid that Croatia will lose matches if the NT only excist with Croatians?

Well,doesnt really matter.Billic was asked by the media when he is going to let Etto play, his response was, when he becomes a better player then the current players on his squad.

I dont think Etto is ready for croatia, he will need to get accepted first. He was here only how many years in croatia??? was it 2?? if it was we can expect him to play, perhaps in 2010…

Yeah, lets just troll south american parks for the good “but not good enough for Brazil” players. We will be the first team in FIFA to Out-source our NT!!!

I’m a big fan of Eduardo and wish he’d been at the WC.Thank goodness Bilic has the courage previous coaches haven’t shown.
However, he’s earned his right to play by dedicating himself to Croatia and Zagreb for many years and is luckily playing in a position where we lack great depth.I don’t think it applies to our midfield where we have a lot of talent and good players coming through from the U21’s to develop.Personally I’d prefer Croatian bloodlines but if he’s a standout player and totally committed to Croatia then he should be considered.But not just because he’s a Brazilian so he must be good and play for us.

Jero, yea…..I agree. I as long as he is commited 1000000% then we should let him play.

Eduardoo is enough!
This is just getting ridiculous!
The players born in other countries are Croatian eg Simunic, kovac’s, Klasnic …….
If he was of cro background then fine play 4 us but these guys are just getting beyond a joke!
soon every1 will b paying us out cos were filled with brazilians and not cros
I cant believe u guys want him in the team!!!
which player is born in serbia in cro team btw?

Milan rapaic…..

Even if we have a lot of foreigners on the team we would probably still have more passion than England.

hehehe, yea we dont just let anyone play. You really haveto have the pride to play with the croatians. Eduardo is a good example he is totaly deditcated to croatia….

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