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Redknapp: Niko will be main player

Posted on: January 26, 2007


According to Salven Bilic went to england to meet with Niko Kranjcars Coach Herry Redknapp. There they atalked about Niko Kranjcar and his playing time. Redknapp’s comments were positive. He said, Niko Kranjcar is a super talented player, we didnt sell him for a reason, and we made a new contract for a reason. He has proved himslef and he will become Portsmouths starter or main player very soon.  He’s been playing %50 off all matches. And all he did is impress me. Niko Kranjcar is just now becoming an explosive player stated Redknapp. Getting him on this team was a direct hit. I couln’t of been happier with my investment.

Slaven Bilic asked him if Niko was going to start against Manchester United. Redknapp said he’s not sure yet because of kranjcars little injury. But he said its possible.
These are my Comments: Slaven Bilic is a super smart coach. I cannot belive how smart that induvidual is. He went to enland and talks to coaches to gain exeperince and knowlege, but also to remind the teams of the croatian players, and to promote their playing time. Absoulutley amazing coach.


4 Responses to "Redknapp: Niko will be main player"

man i luv bilic.. we couldnt have got a better coach truely.. passion is off the hook obviously hes good with the players cause he knows what itt takes .. if he does well for us in the euros and next world cup this guy could be a major hero in Croatia .. not that he aint already

Culdnt agree more with you…..hes a stud

he is a true trainer….i hope he stays coach for many many years

Bilic didn’t just show up at the doorstep in Pompey. It was Harry Reddnapp who brought Bilic to WestHam in ’96. Besides, I read that hes taking in several FA cup matches with his kids.
Still, he is doing a first-rate job.

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