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Klasnic needs new donor! Moms Kidney Failed to adapt!

Posted on: January 27, 2007

Klasnic after the opeartion couple days ago had a kidney transplant, his donor was his mother. Klasnic told the doctors and everyone else that he felt good. After monitoring his kidney, the doctors noticed that Klasnics body failed to accept the kidney, and therefore he will need another transplant. What they are looking for is a new donor, and he will need one quick!

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6 Responses to "Klasnic needs new donor! Moms Kidney Failed to adapt!"

And that’s the end of Klasnic’s career..


r.i.p klasnic

u will be missed…just as all your shots on goal were

LOL hes not dead………. plus hes not that bad of a player

haha @ sketchovic.. i had to laugh .. it seemd like most of his shots were missiing.. for the last year or so but he will be missed.. sumwere sumplace.. so ivan thanx for ur efforts in the 2006 wc appreciate it :0 bye bye ivan

u guys r so mean!

the man did what he could with the problem without revealing.
well it wasn’t very clever of him not telling anyone about it until the last minute. but maybe he was so desperate to show results compared to little favorite diego he thought it wasn’t time to take care of this kind of thing.
big mistake.

i hope he finds someone else pretty soon!

yea i thought bout what i said today….the guy does his best out there….i wish him luck,i dont wanna see any of my fellow croats in pain….im just mad cause over the yrs i was so behind him saying one day hes gona be a great one…he never rele lived up to his hype…but good luck ivan…i hope u recover

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