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Manchester 2 – 1 Portsmouth

Posted on: January 27, 2007


The England striker scored twice in the space of seven minutes to give United the upper hand, the first a tap-in from Ryan Giggs’ cross and the second a sensational chipped effort from 20 yards.Kanu deflected in Pedro Mendes’s shot to pull a goal back for the visitors with three minutes remaining, but they ran out of time in their effort to take the tie to a replay.

Niko Kranjcar on the other hand  finaly started the match and played ubtil the 80th minute. His performance on the field was okay, we could of expected better. But he didnt dissapoint at all.


4 Responses to "Manchester 2 – 1 Portsmouth"

i watched the game… and i luv watching niko.. hes always in control with nice touches always so composed on the ball, he seems to always have time for his lack of pace is amazing.. i wish he gets into more attacking positions more and shooting chances etc.. not enough of that as of yet but with time i think hes improving every game cant wait to see the best of niko… i just wish modric was in england 2.. he would own like hell!!!!!

Yea he did very good, he will get better and better as the season goes…

and u know what i like about him? he makes it look easy.
when he touches the ball it seems like he just tell it, “there u go” and it goes… one-touch passes with precision is something that could make it aaaall happens…

but Harry wasn’t in his most brilliant moment: he set great midfielders working fine *except for pedro mendes, that wasn’t a good day for him*, and NO ONE able to attack until the end.

He seems to run in slow motion- like the 6 million dollar man (which @ &3.5 mil is just what he is)-but he shows bionic ball control and vision. Him and Kanu both have that “lazy” style…

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