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Who do you think is going to win Euro 2008?

Posted on: January 28, 2007


There is plenty of good teams out there, but who will become the champion? England, France, Italy, perhaps Croatia? Its impossible to tell. But the closest way to find out earlier is to evaluate all teams, see how they are doing and try to predict.

Here is my Prediction, and explanation why….
1. Croatia
2. Neatherland
3. Germany

Croaria: They are an overall solid team, they have the potential to beat any team. Their defense is one of the most orginized in europe. Croatias middfield is filled with talent. Niko Kranjcar, Modric, Rapaic, Kovac, Srna, Babic! Its almost an endless list. Croatia attack has new talent. Eduardo Da Silva, he is amazing, great dribbler, super passer, great goal scorer in the air or ground, very dangerouse player. Mladen Petric, only knows one thing and its scoring, very talented, scores fro air or gound. We also have Olic, bad kidney’s Klasnic, and lucky balaban as I like to call him. Croatia to me is the most promising team in europe right now, and I belive we’re going to win. Not because Im croatian and I have faith in them, but because they just play darn good football! Oh yea, plus we have a good coach..

Neathelands: Holland is a great team, very talented players who play in big clubs. Expectations are always high when holland plays. They will certaily go far in Euro 2008. But the reason they will be second in my prediction is because they always run out of luck in the ending stages of the tournament. Thats where Croatia beats them 🙂

Germany: I know what you might be saying, what!! Why germany, there  is Italy, france, england, spain….Well, the reason I chose germany is because kately the have been doung good. France might not even qualify, England if they dont tighty up wont qualify eather, spain too was diassapointing…Germany on the other hand has luck, the skills, strenghth. Its anybodys game but I think germany will become 3rd.

Do you have any Predictions?? I wanna know…


11 Responses to "Who do you think is going to win Euro 2008?"

last 4 teams standing
(in NO order)

and my wild card team is gona be



By the way, r they already reunited for Feb02 game?

In my own observations, i have been watching Croatia play in qualipfycation games. Croatia tied Russia, beat Andorra, England, and Isreal. We’ll for sure enter the European Cup. I am Croatian and i would love for Croatia to win the Euro Cup. It would be the best. But, Germany and Italy are good too. Germany has strength and Italy has soo much luck. I don’t think we’ll win the Euro Cup but we’ll get far. We’ll do way better than we did in the World Cup. GOOO CROATIA!!

I like that; “bad kidney’s Klasnic”, although i think it is more catchy and marketable as; “One Kidney Klasnic”…(I know, i’m going to hell)

The ‘vatreni’ will go all the way through to the finals and win the cup. Slaven Bilic is the best coach Croatia has had in almost a decade replacing the legendary Miroslav “Ćiro” Blažević leading Croatia’s campaign in the World Cup in France 1998. I believe Bilic’s knowledge of the game and his personal experiences participating in Croatia’s historical fisrt appereance in the World Cup in 1998, will take Croatia deep into the tournament. All we can do know is wait and see hopong for the best. ZA DOM……..SPREMNI

@ Alex….LOL I have my way with words…. I was thinking about making it “One Kidney Klasnic” but I liked the way the other one rolled of the toung…aww crap i guess im goin to hell too.

@Ante…I like the way look at it..

Im honestly done with dissapointments with croatias team, the Australia Draw was ridicolouse! The only way to redeem themselves is to win Euro2008.

When the wistle blew against Australia, i felt like someone kicked me in the ballz as hard as they could..and then laughed at me,( well that actualy did happen) But it was perrty dissapointing…

Well atleast Australians had Croatian Blood, so it wasnt really a surprise 🙂

I promise you tho, if Croatia beat the Aussies, we would of beat Italy…no questions asked.

when that wistle blew vs auss…my heart stoped…i was in a croatian bar filled with people..and u could hear a fly…thats how quiet it got..we all walked outside where ppl started to burn the aussie flag…ive never had that feeling was like u just waqtched ur best friend get hit buy a bus n split into 3 parts….

I think the team that is going to win is Portugal, Spain or my darkhorse the Czechs. Croatia and Serbia sadly have a long way to go before we can win a competition like this. balkan footballers are not like they used to be they can’t handle the stage. Croatia always good can’t even beat Australia and japan and Serbia playing not to loose against netherlands while loosing 1-0 and then sleeping against Argentina. Both teams didn’t even get out of the group stage at the WC I have a hard time seeing them winning it all in this short of a time. Hopefully I am wrong.

Napred Beli Orlovi vi ste ponos Srbije!

Greece back to back!



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