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Slaven Bilic: Zivkovic Earned His Spot On The Team

Posted on: February 2, 2007


Zivkovic was called up to the croatian squad as we all know. But We didn’t know is how clueless he was…

When Bilic Called him up, Zivkovic didnt even know Croatia was having a friendly against Norway! What kind of Croatian doesnt follow the National Team? But Bilic sais he earned his spot on the team, I certainly hope so…

The last time Boris Zivkovic  played for Croatia was in 2004 against Portugal, in a friendly…And now he’s back 2 years later.

What Bilic didnt answer is: Will this be only short term, or can we expect Zivkovic playing in Euro 2008 Qualification Matches?

I will keep you guys posted….


4 Responses to "Slaven Bilic: Zivkovic Earned His Spot On The Team"

who does zivkovic play 4 again?

Hajduk Split

this is the first mistake that Bilic made he should give younger people the chance to prove themself

and i completly agree what kind of Croatian does not know what the oponents of Croatia are? Does he even know that we won a bronze medal in 1998? he is only interessted in Croatia when he is part in it and that kind of Croatians we don’t need! We need Croatians that know averything about the NT…

Spot on Luka… He should let the younger once play, but bilic really wants to beat Norway he doesnt want to take any risks…i guess he knows the way Zivko plays..

He’ll be OK so long as someones wakes him up and escorts him to the match…quit worrying, he’s a professional footballer…

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