Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Italians: Croatia is going to host Euro 2012!

Posted on: February 4, 2007


A huge mess in Italy; two police officers where killed, riots everywhere, and hundreds injured people…Italy and the world is still in shock. This all happend during the Catani and Palermo game.

Italy before this was the favorites for Hosting Euro 2012. But now its Croatia and Bulgaria. The reason why is, when the games in Euro 2012 start taking place there will be many young people live at the games, and this happening would be a disaster. Italian media also talked about police not wanting to supervise the games anymore because of the two dead police men. The event was so horrible that it will be hard to convince UEFA to let Italy host the 2012 Euro event.

Croatia also has good chance for Hosting Euro2012 because of good relations with new UEFA President, Platini. It will be interesting to see what happends, I will keep you posted.

Do you think Croatia and Hungry will win the bid for Euro 2012? Use the poll in the Home Page in the bottom left corner to VOTE.


6 Responses to "Italians: Croatia is going to host Euro 2012!"

Looks more and more in Cro/Hun’s favour for the hosting 🙂

Hey Denis

Also nice to know is that Croatia/Hungary has got seven points of:

Sedam potencijalnih glasova za Hrvatsku i Mađarsku:

E Rus Vječeslav Kološkov (Rusija)

E Gregorij Surkis (Ukrajina)

E Mircea Sandu (Rumunjska)

E Michel Platini (Francuska)

E Senes Erzik (Turska)

E Gilberto Madail (Portugal)

E Joseph Mifsud (Malta)

And 6 for Italia:

Šest potencijalnih glasova za Italiju:

E Gerhard Mayer-Vorfelder (Njemačka)

E Mathieu Sprengers (Nizozemska)

E Marios Lefkaritis (Cipar)

E Per Ravn Omdal (Norveška)

E Angel Mario Villar (Španjolska)

E Geoffrey Thompson (Engleska)


Yea, Croata will have a good chance, the 9/7 votes for italy and croatia doesnt mean nothing, there is going to be one more vote i think, and more decision taking.

Would be sweet if Croatia and bulgaria host it.

Bulgaria? you mean Hungary

LOL ! I cant belive I said Bulgaria….what was I thinking lol…thanx for the correction

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