Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Croatia vs Norway 2-1! Petric Held his Promise to Score for Klasnic!

Posted on: February 7, 2007


Yes!! Croatia has WON once again. The game was perrty good, lots of shots on goal by croatia. It should of been 3-0 the first half, but I guess 2-0 was fine.Igor Budan was tested by Slaven Bilic today, and seems like  he going to be a great asset to the croatian team. Vejic also played for croatia his first time. He seemed nervouse but did a great job!Norway towards the end of the match scored a goal, which Pletikosa saved with his foot, but the Orst scored from a rebound. It was a strange goal.

Our scorers today were: Petric, and Modric. Im really starting to relay on both of the to start everygame. Eduardo Da Silva, Srna, Kranjcar, Babic, Balaban also had GREAT chances to score. Overall Im happry with Croatia performance. Our next Friendly will be against Bosnia and Hercegovina. It will be a fun match to watch.

Croatia will Play Macedonia in March for their Euro Qualifier, oh yea!!Macedonia today beat Albania 1-0. Cant wait for the qualifier it will be a good one too.


Rijeka, stadion Kantrida.
Fans: 8.000
Weather: cloudy and rainy, field is muddy
Ref: Philipe Kalt (France)

Goal Scorers
1:0 Petrić (26)
2:0 Modrić (38)
2:1 Orst (86)

Vejić (od 80. Živković)
J. Leko (od 80. Pranjić)
Petrić (od 46. Eduardo)
Balaban (od 62. Budan)

Johnsen (od 46. Moen)
Rambekk (od 79. Bjorklon)
J. A. Riise
Pedersen (od 40. Grindheim)
Carew (od 46. Orst)
Solskjaer (od 64. Iversen)


17 Responses to "Croatia vs Norway 2-1! Petric Held his Promise to Score for Klasnic!"


only thing that i have to say about the match today

yea he was aweseome, he had a good game

Yeah, I’m really happy. Bilic has definatly done something with our team. I cant comment on the match as I have’nt seen it (I didn’t see your link in time, and it was only a live feed.) If someone could create a torrent(piratebay, mininova, etc.,) I’d really, really, appreciate it…I live for this s**t.

wooo im happy we won.. although the livve thing didnt work for me LOL butt we did it so i dont care i wish i can see the goals and maybe the highlights asap.. thanx guys 😛

we play bosnia?> u seriouss i thought that was it.. hmm that will be interestingg

Can someone put the highlights or goals on youtube or daily motion or whatever i can watch?? Game was on when I was at work, and connection here is full of restrictions!!! Pleeeeeeeeease i wanna see the goals at least! I had to use livescore!!!

@ melissa

here are the goals..

Petric 1-0
Modric 2-0
Moen 2-1

Made by mARZ on

nevermind you have to look at this site: and then go to mARZ post

Yea im also lookin for a highlights…..if you find them post them here please…Thanx

Booooooo Croatia BOoooooo I watched the game…it wasnt immpresive at all. BOOOOOOOOO

Croatia is overated…they cant be better then serbia

lol…Why do you compare Croatia and Serbia? You know we are better…you watched the game yesterday right? If you didnt notice,but that was Croatias B team… just imagine the real starters…lol would of beat them 4-0..

@ simba

go too that site that i have gaven you..

@ lilserb

you may be jelaous;) that’s normal for you guys because players like them Serbia will never have, and i’m saying this to be rude but it is a fact! Most good players of Croatia were all born in other countrys thatswhy our NT is soo good but Serbia doesn’t have good players that are born in Serbia,altough Partizan has the second best jeuthschool after Ajax Amsterdam, and also the good players that are born abroad are almost always choosing for that country were they born. Why that is? I think because the passion to play for Croatia is bigger than that for Serbia

sorry it must be: And i’m not saying this to be rude

@ LukaCroatia whatever! you know Serbia is the best… We are the once who tought u soccer

so your welcome

lilserb u mutt.. thats all you and ur gay country are lil – shit – jealous – serbia .. we tought u how to play “football” thats why your “trying” to become a powerhouse european side that ull never bee good luck in ur quest to to grow a dick like the rest of your country now fuck offf back to your hole…. bitch!!!!!!!

if Serbia thought us soccer, wouldn’t we have also lost 6 – 0 to Argentina? Now you guys have a reason to lift up your tri prsta… with both hands. LOL

hahaa Torcidaa you killed itt lolll

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