Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

I found Live Video Feed for Croatia vs Norway

Posted on: February 7, 2007


I can’t belive I found it! This is the channel that will show Croatia vs Norway LIVE! I recommend you keep this a secret or they will take the site that provides the feeds down!

The link is:   click Norway then, TV3

Im so happy because I chcked all the american soccer sports channels and I didnt find any that will show Croatia vs Norway…but somehow i have found this.  I dont have croatian channels on my satilite cuz its a cheap piece of crap.

Anyways, i hope this helped you out if you live in america. Go Croatia I hope we win!!

I cannot describe how happy I am! lol if you guys didnt know Im a hardcore Croatia fan! Anyways…I also made a myspace… the link to it is


22 Responses to "I found Live Video Feed for Croatia vs Norway"

After you click on the link, click on Norway Then…click on TV3!!

I think you will need Broadband but im not sure…

OMG! I freaking love U! I checked too there were no others channels in the US that were showing this game!!! I LOVE U!!

Wow! Thats awesome. Thanx a lot!

wow you are A life saver (not the candy) I almost thought i would have to enjoy the match thru lol thanx

haha me 2.. @ NO FREAKING WAY.. im sick of checkin livescore every 10 seconds loll thanx Denis 🙂 lets hope we get a decent result 2

omg ommetidetly there are new members here, incredible:D whaha

but seriously you’re right Croatian satileit is crap because they want you to buy satelit to watch it on HTV 2 but then later they have made a new channel to watch croatian footballmatches and ges’s a channel that the Croatian satelit don’t have so you have to poay again if you want to watch the match(i am talking about hrt+) but thank god the match is today on htv 2 so i don’t have to watch it on the internet with probably a bad quality

but good job some people couldn’t watch the match on tv but now they can!

No the quality is perrty aweseome. And what satilite provider do you gus use.. I have gay dish network….

steve lol, I hate chekin live score. And Lukacroatia the quality is superb! check it out.

Man I love this site. LoL Im so happy that Im actualy going to watch the game! 🙂 🙂 🙂

yea i knew it so kewl. Thanx great site!lol LIVE SCIRE!! HAHA Im gonna start predicting. Here I go! I predict that Croatia will win 3-1. Petric 1 goal Kranjcar 1 and Da Silva 1

what about at the back.. u think were gonna cope with carew, solskaer and pederson etc.. with the injuries at the back?

I think our defense will be fine. We would probably do better if we played simunic, robert kovac and tudor… But our middfield is strong, so I think it will not effect us much..

Does anyone know what time the game is supposed to start?

20:00 European Time
Thats 12:00 PM Central Time US & Canada

hmm i pressed norway then tv 3 then nothing came up.. do i have to wait for the match orr should it comeup now :S

the game didnt start yet!? What freaking time zone are they??

THEGAME HAS BEEN DELAYED!! Becaue of WATHER! FOR 50 minutes!! I m listing to radio right now!! The game will start in 30 minutes

wtf:S it hasn’t been delayed

lol yea! It was too wet or something…

But who cares we won!!

Did the link work?

Yea it did. The quality was good

anyone know where i can find highlights of the match against norway?

someone will post highlights on Youtube soon.

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