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Do you have questions for Niko Kranjcar?

Posted on: February 9, 2007


Well I do! Melissa  our frequent poster is also a fan of Niko kranjcar, she Probably has a crush on him …..pshhht.

Well she notified me that on Niko was anwering questions for fans..only the best questions will be selected, and then he will answer them.

If you have any questions please give them to me I will post them for you. Or you can just do it yourself.

Here are my questions I asked him:

Who is your favorite croatian player?
Who is your best friend from the Portsmouth squad?
Is your real or is it fake?
What do you recommend to young players like me (18 years old) who want to play prfessional soccer?
Have you ever heard of a independent Croatian fan site called ?
Would you move to Barcelona for free?
What is your daily ruiteen?
How does it feel like to be famoes and playing for Croatias National team?
Are you sad your dad is not coaching the national team?
Do you play video games? If so whats your favorite game?


25 Responses to "Do you have questions for Niko Kranjcar?"

I want to know how come I can’t make my hair that long. Whats up with that?

ps: its like 3 am and im drunk… have a good night Sir Denis.

HEheheh ….PARTYYY!!! woooohooooo

im impresed….I couldnt even type if I was drunk…I bearly spell my words correctly when im sober! lol 🙂

How many of u croats live in America?

LOL Denis.

Yeah I can type perfectly when I’m out of it, thankfully I have no hangover.

Ante, I live in Canada.

I would like to know where he is born.. some sites say Vienna other say Zagreb

He was born in Austria but he is croatian…

Hey Niko Why don’t you learn how to play good football instead of just getting on the pitch becasue of your dad?

lol Boris.. i think thats abit uncalled for.. i had doubts over him to b4 and hes proven me and everyone else wrong. Hes been 1 of the top 5 performing for the national team since the world cup so get off his back hes doin well!!

ohh forgot Boris was a serb.. dumshit dont make stupid comments whenyou dont know shit

boris??? thats croatian name?..sounds serbian to me…im behind niko also..u got a problem?

Call down everyone here knows I’m Serb and everyone here knows I’m not here to stir up trouble. Read some of the other posts I have made. My problem with him is he is Lazy, he is a slow decision maker and rarely makes an effective pass. Why do you think he never plays for Portsmouth? This has nothing to do with him being Croatian he just isn’t that great of a footballer.


He has the best passes ever! He is not the fastest but he is a great skilled player, he has dribling skills, and his passes are golden… plus he assists on almost every croatian goal!

Lol he always starts for portsmouth…He plays at least %70 of each game…

There us a serb on the team he is a bench warmer…no dissrespect but he hasnt even seen the field yet for portsmouth and hes been on the team forever!!

Boris, if you get to see Premierleague lately you´ll see now he is a certain choice as midfielder for the all the last games, except the ones during his NT duty time! PLUS, Portsmouth needs a good, REGULAR fowarder, bc u can see Niko trying hard to find someone out there…

In six months he made quite a way to the starting line.
And just bc he´s not desperatedly running thru the field doesnt mean he´s not doing a great job…

@ boris, dude he doesn’t play for portsmouth.. ? lol you hear that shit from jadran when they say that ages ago.. the guy plays 70% of the time i watchh him play keenly and rarely makes an effective pass? are you kidding me thats his best asset id say good decision making.. what isnt a good asset is he cant stay in the game for a long enough period of time.. Yes he might be lazy but you got no clue dude stick to your own side and until you know what your on about then i might respect you..peace

Portsmouth played 27 matches this year. Here is Niko’s stats. All you guys need to look before you speak. 70% my ass he didn’t even crack fifty. He doesn’t have a complete game in his belt. Of his 13 appearences 7 were off the bench. This guy is overated and only at Portsmouth because Harry Redknap and his dad are friends. Niko is a crap footballer one of croatia’s worst. Modric is 10x the player he is. Only Modric doesn’t have daddy getting him everything. Niko is a huge phony.

Niko Kranjcar
Pos MF
Nat: Croatia
Club: Portsmouth
Apps (As sub) Goals Yellow Red
13 (7) 0 0 0

You ARE CRAZY…What if your dad was a pro player, and he knew coaches around the world. You wouldnt take advantage ? LOL if my dad was the national team coach, I would join too. I wouldnt give a crap…

Its natural for son to follow dads footsteps…
He good enough player, if he wasnt we wouldnt of won all our games.

fuck boris your a dum cunt .. hes played 17 matches.. cok munch.. and he was injured for about 3 or 4 of em and dint play 1 or 2 others cause he came bak from itnernational duty like a day or so b4 the naxt game.. so yeah we all kno hes good and will get better .. so fuck off and go bak to red star with koroman the shit cunt.. die slowlyy bitchh

@ Denis
You are right I would take advantage too. BUT the thing is he is shown as the future of Croatia and all this crap when his only achievements are all due to his dad. He got on Dinamo cuz of his dad he got a call to the NT because his dad was the coach and then transfered to Portsmouth because it was one of his dad’s buddys. People who get things handed to them like that aren’t deserving. Take a guy like Dado a guy who was a mechanic and made it because of his work that is someone i respect whne they judge you by what you do on the pitch and not how many friends your daddy knows. Modric Da sivla are both miles ahead of Niko.

@ Steve
Ohh go back to Red Star your saying that like going to a former World Champion is a bad thing? Making Superstars like Stojkovic, Mihajlovic, Pancev, Jugovic, Savic, Stankovic, Vidic, Zigic, Kovacevic even Prosinecki that’s bad? Yeah sorry Koroman’s dad didn’t wack off redknapp to give him some playing time. It’s pretty obvious that that is the only reason Niko is on that team and still not performing. You obviously are a stupid teen with hate for nothing. I don’t like Kranjcar and it has nothing to do with him being Croatian you dipshit. Maybe if you read some of my earlier posts you would have noticed that I have Croatian family and that I hate ignorant pricks like you that hate people for nothing. How can you call yourself a christian when you hate other christians? Did you ever bother to read any of christs teachings? Or do you just say your catholic cuz you think it’s cool. People like you make me sick do the world a favor and jump of a bridge.

I dont know Boris. You may not like him because his dad gave him the opportunity, But somethings happen to certain people. He is a good player. And if you watched some portsmouth matches he did aweseome. He is a very skilled bribbler. Watch some youtube videos i have posted on “VIDEOS” you can find it on the navigation bar. And you’ll see that hes not as bad as you think. Bilic said that Kranjcar earned his spot in the Croatian squad.

When he was 17 he was a captain for dinamo. Not because of his dad but because he had the skills. His touch is amazing. I dont know where you have seen him play bad. Doesnt matter who you know, if you suck you suck…
If he wasnt perfoming well he wouldnt of played for anybody. Not Dinamo, not hajduk, not portsmouth, not national team…

Welcome Back Boris … did i say red star are shit? lol dum fuck dont get your nickers in a not.. i was saying koroman.. yer offcourse your gonna defend him because he is serb.. but he is not good simple fact buddy.. u might not like niko and i really dont care, but when u start talkin shit and just goin over the top tells me something.. he might have got places because of his dad whateva u claim.. but the kids produced everywere hes been.. and he might not be doin as well in portsmouth but he is getting there it takes time just ask ur “superstar” mate vidic.. took him a while and hes fit! anyways keep hating all u like wvee heard that u dont rate the guy.. now we dont give a fuck for whateva shit u have to say.. and yer im sure u have croatian “family” whats that got to do with it? do u need to proove to me that its not hate..if a cro would post such shit i would also be saying this to the person so untie your nickers boris and i hope to see u soonn buddy bye byea

Koroman isn’t great but Koroman is a workhorse. he runs down the wing as fast as he can the whole game. He isn’t lazy and doesn’t take the ball for granted. Maybe he isn’t the best goal scorer or dribbler but he gets it down through heart. Niko might have more talent but he is lacksidasical so I would rather have Ognjen and for Steve the smart ass who thinks he knows everything Ognjen is hungarian smart ass I’m not a prick like you that cares about nationalities that is something people can’t control I judge them by theri performance regardless of faith, ethnicity, race etc. Prosinecki was my fav player on the 91 Zvezda team and he was Croat and that never made me think twice. One day you will grow up hopefully soon.

i think Kranjcar has certain qualities that others dont have, and koroman is good at what he does… They are both different players. They are both good at what they do…

i dont care about nationalities lol.. anyways this convo looks over.. so on a finishing note.. why wasnt davor suker ur fav playa?,, cause he didnt play for red star or?

Hey, Pelé has this kid (Edinho) who tried hard to be a great something, and he even get a goalkeeper position on Santos, the great club that revealed Pelé himself, and Diego and Robinho, but he didn´t go anywhere… actually, he was arrested a few years ago for drugs possession AND for playing REAL need for speed on Santos street (harbour city with lots of REAL people…)

sad story, but it is useful to illustrate that having a great dad (in this case possibly the greatest of aaaaall daddies in the world) doesn’t cover lack of talent…

But since fathers tend to love their sons no matter what, he is one of the managers of the club now… NOT A PLAYER. Daddy may be king, but he is no Jesus. =p

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