Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Eduardo, Corluka, and Modric…Raised Their Value

Posted on: February 13, 2007


Yes Croatians have raised their Value to %75 – %100 percent! Its amazing, Bilic really did a great job, and everyone islooking forward to our next match against Mecedonia.

Let me tell you how much Corluka, Dudu, Modric have raised their value….

Eduardo Da Silva Raised his price the MOST! Before the England game he was only worth 2 million. After the England game, till now he is worth 7.5 million dollars!

Luka Modric after the Norway Game has raised his value to 5.5 million dollars!

Vedran Corluka has also raised his value too! He went from 1 million dollras up to 4 million!

Rukovina has gotten 12 million dollar offer from Lyon….

Its crazy but Croatias Squad Value went up almost a Hundred Percent in a very short time. This is reminding me of 1995-1998. Hopefully Croatia will be able to continue their good performance and win all the games…

Cratia has beaten every team they played so far, they only tied Russia in a qualification round. We beat Italy right after they won the World cup!! 2-0

Croatia has a really gotten more exciting! Big moves to big clubs! Value of players are going up! We are winning almost everygame! And we are actualy scoring allot more!


2 Responses to "Eduardo, Corluka, and Modric…Raised Their Value"

I wonder how much Mladen “Cetric” Petric is worth. I recall reading that Slaven Bilic said: Mladen is worth the most on the NT.

I think it was on 24sata.

well yea he is probably the most expensive one right now. But he came from switxerland. Dudu, modric, corluka started their careers in croatia.

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