Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Croatia is 12th on FIFA Rankings! The Best Since 1998 – Brazil Was Taken Over By Italy

Posted on: February 14, 2007


Croatias National Team went up 3 places. Now we are considered the 12th best team in the world. I know these rankins are accurate but they show who the Top teams are.

Croatia wasnt ranked this high since 1998! Thats a long time… We honestly have a special team. I actualy think we can  win Euro2008, or perhaps Fifa 2010 now tha we have this great talented squad. Lets keep our Fingers crossed 🙂

 Italy and Brazil!

Brazil was taken off the first Place of the FIFA ranking Chart! And Now Italy took the first spot…

This is all due to Brazils loss against Portugal, and poor world cup.

Well, I know Italy should watch out cuz we are coming…

Here are the rankings…

1.   Italija                 1562   
2.   Brazil                 1540
3.   Argentina           1535 
4.   Francuska          1496
5.   Njemačka          1395 
6.   Engleska            1330
7.   Nizozemska        1312
8.   Portugal             1262
9.   Češka                1193
10.  Španjolska        1161
11.  Ukrajina            1018
12.  Hrvatska          987 
13.  Grčka                 926
14.  Švicarska           913
15.  Rumunjska         912
16.  Švedska             894
17.  Kamerun            893
18.  Danska              876
19.  Meksiko             857
20.  Škotska             854


24 Responses to "Croatia is 12th on FIFA Rankings! The Best Since 1998 – Brazil Was Taken Over By Italy"

Italy sucks my Hajduk supporting cock.

Talk about a team that doesn’t deserve to be #1.

Yea i know they dont deserve… Its croatias fault they are first if we beat Australia we would of beat italy! I just KNOW IT!!! 😦

Seriously these rankings are so stupid. So many errors. Italy and France are struggling big time and they are in the top ten. There is more that is bad but my post would fill up a page so I’ll just say that this stuff is irelevent don’t take the FIFA rankings seriously guys it’s about as valuable as our oppinions.

I completely agree with Boris everybody! These rankings aren’t always the most accurate. In fact, the only accurate thing about the rankings (in both FIFA and Elo Ratings) is that Croatia is ranked way ahead of Serbia. But other than that…

You know how they rate the teams….

By how many points(wins, loses, draw) each team gets. No its not very accurate but its colse enough….

Brazil was first always….and that was right according the rankings….

Serbia is farther away from Croatia and thats a correct stat too. These ranking perrty accurate…

The only time you can call this inaccurate is when you see Iraq, or Vietnam in first place…

I think the fifa rankings are pretty accurate. Italy are ranked number 1 because they won the world cup, i think they deserve to be there, but definately arent the best team in world. The whole top 10 looks pretty accurate to me, maybe ukraine being 11 is a bit wrong, croatia being 12 is fair. If the fifa rankings aren’t accurate, then who would be in your top 10? i can’t see it being much different to how it is now. it goes by results not by star players.
croatia are playing very well now which is why we have moved to 12, and if we keep it up we might hit the top 10.

The ELO ratings are much more precise.

I was being sarcastic when I said that the rankings weren’t accurate. I was just taking a piss out of Boris by bringing up how much higher Croatia was compared to Serbia. To be honest, I think this is the only fair way to rank teams based on their performance. If you had sports writers or organizations pick the order of the rankings, there would be a lot of bias…etc. But I agree with Ante, the top 10 does look accurate and I think Croatia should be in front of Ukraine. They aren’t that far from Ukraine in points. It could be a matter of next game when or if we go past them. We would obviously have to win the game though.

Hey, Croatia is better than that! Spain is lost and Ukraine has ONLY ONE Shevchenko…
no way England team is better than croatia… they have the same problem Brazil have, we are so good individually that it seems we don´t work out fine together…
I agree big time about Argentina… messi tevez saviola mascherano… they are brazil opposite on that (club x NT).
Don´t know why Polska is not there… they are very good as well.

and what in the world is Nizozemska?… =p


Nizozemska means the netherlands. I always forget that one.

Please what is romania doing at 15.. Are they that good

@ Nick So you think your going to piss me off? Funny what are you like 12? God you kids thinking that it’s 92 when you weren’t even alive makes me sick. Normal people moved on people over there moved on yet you want to hold some kind of grudge give me a break. I have Croatian cousins I’m not a stupid pig like you to hate someone for nothing. Your pathetic and that goes for serbs that are like that too. Anyways back to football you think that FIFA is accurate? Your going to tell me that Korea is 44th? A team that beat France in the WC is behind Mali and Israel? Are you stupid? It doesn’t take much to realize that these rankings are off. Let’s see oh Trinidad and Tobago another country that made the WC and tied Sweden is 68th. So your saying that they are worse then Bosnia a country that never made any major tournament? or Guinea or Zambia. Just take a good look and a real football fan would see that stuff obviously you’ve never bothered to watch any team that wasn’t wearing red and white checkers and that’s why you don’t know what your talking about.


No they are terrible. The rankings aren’t good that should be a sign for you guys. Romania is a terrible NT they haven’t done anything in years. These rankings are a joke no real fan takes them seriously.

@ Torcida

why because Croatia is higher? ha ha your funny you think that the US is in the top 20? You think Romania is 13th? Is that what your telling me. This is a stupid thing to even talk about im done with this topic.

alright Mr “know it all Boris” so where does Croatia stand since ur some philosepher or sumshit?? and thers no way serbia are even with in 5 places behind us… truu shit

Calm down buddy. I guess I should have put a wink emoticon next to my comment about “taking a piss out of Boris.” It’s a joke. It means to tease someone. It’s a British term. I just moved to London for work, so I find myself using that term more often. Really, there’s no need to cry about it. Life goes on. Nobody is trying to hate you here. You may have Croatian cousins, well I have some Serbian cousins. Big deal. I find it a bit ironic that you are slamming me for judging you based on your nationality. Yet, here you are judging me by calling me a 12 year old hateful stupid pig, based on no knowledge of me whatsoever. I thought sport was supposed to be about friendly rivalry. You comment on this persons blog about Croatian NT, yet rip into anyone who says anything negative about the Serbian NT. How is that fair? You need to grow up boy. As for the rankings, if you had actually read my post instead of getting so insanely paranoid and typing away without thinking about what I had written, you would have noticed that I had said:

“I think this is the only fair way to rank teams based on their performance. If you had sports writers or organizations pick the order of the rankings, there would be a lot of bias…etc.”

I never said I thought the entire system was accurate. I stated that I believed it was the only fair and impartial way to judge teams rankings based on game results with the most successful teams being ranked highest. Here’s a link on how it works.

Stop being so sensitive. Everyone who has posted something seems to be very respectful and friendly. Yet, you seem to have a chip on your shoulder whenever someone responds to one of your comments.

And I’m 27, not 12.



You’re a fool. You say real football fans don’t even consider the FIFA rating legit (which they don’t), well if you should know ELO rating are more respected. They rate teams on the score they beat a team and how the strength of whoever they’re playing.

I could care less if Croatia is it 100th place or in the top 10. So stop having your panties in a bunch over Croatia.

You know why USA jumped up to 20th place? Because they beat Mexico, a team that did make it to the World Cup final 16 and is a pretty decent team. Why is Romania 13th? I’ll tell you why kid. They haven’t lost since May. Since then they beat any team that has played against them, including Spain, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Albania, etc. That also includes the teams they beat in the World Cup qualifying. (Czech and Holland and Finland)

Do you get it now how ratings work?

Cmon everyone where all croat fans here!! well pretty much.
How good woul it be to see croatia in the top ten though. I would neva get over it, i know we where number 3 but there are alot of quality teams now!! dont get me wrong i am a diehard croat fan but where still not up with the brazil, italy, germany, spain and the rest of the top ten but to see croatia in there would be awesome..

And try not to pick something out to criticise me either hahah


Actualy i think we’re perrty close to italy france and brazil…
if you dont remeber we beat Argentina, tied Brazil, beat world cup champs Italy..beat england..those are all top team…meaning Croatia is a TOP team 🙂

Here are the Most Accurate WORLD RANKINGS. they are called the “Denis FIFA Ranking System”

1. Croatia
2. Brazil
3. Italy
4. Portugal
5. Bosnia

74th Vietnam
75th Serbia

lol j/k 🙂

hahahahahha lolol @ denis i like your work 🙂 serbs might have a few things to say… usually there pretty quiett *rolls eyes* but i think they will bark loud now LOLL

@ denis
The “Denis FIFA Ranking System”
That’s funny!

Just to set things straight, there is no such thing as the Denis Fifa Rankings…but tof there was thats how it would look like..

Hey, just read this not to long ago, pretty interesting stuff your all talking about. Im Croatian and i love the team and the wild spirit we have for the game lol
But honestly Croatia is going to be a top 10 because they are strong. I cant belive Italy is first place, first off they are too cocky as it is, plus Croatia beats them all the time.
Biggest reason Croatia lost is because they are always stuck agaisnt teams way to strong, i mean right of the bat agasint first place Brazil!! oh common who is doing the teams heres!!
Serbs are good, glad england lost, we ARE gona beat italy.
Not to sound to cocky but thats how it is lol

I agree that the ELO world ranking is far better than the Fifa world ranking. The Fifa ranking has had teams such as the US and Norway in the top 4 which is rediculous, and now Greece is nr 8, with Scotland 15th and Israel 20th. The Fifa ranking has Finland and Denmark ranked right next to eachother at 33 and 34 eventhough Denmark has always been far better of the two, they just drew Holland in Holland. While the ELO has Brazil first, Denmark 17th and Finland 46th. Israel is 32, Scotland 33 and Greece 14 which I think is far more accurate if you look at recent results of all these teams.
I hope Fifa will begin to use the ELO ranking system, as its the most accurate I have ever seen.

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