Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Lets talk about our next opponent: Macedonia

Posted on: February 18, 2007


Yep, its almost time! Another Round of Qualification Matches for Croatia. Our Next opponent is Macedonia. And thats probably Croatias least favorite team to play. Not because they hate each other or anything like that. But because Maceodnia is unpredictable. They have the tendancy to beat majore teams sometimes, or give them trouble trouble atleast. Its going to be a tough  match, but I think croatia will come out with another victory.
( Macedonia is currently 4th in our group. England is 3rd with the same ammount of points. But is 3rd because of goal difference)



Eduardo Da Silva – 23rd
Petric – 28th
Modric – 74th
Kranjcar – 91st

Whats your prediction? Do yout hink Macedonia will be a threat to Croatias squad on game day?


7 Responses to "Lets talk about our next opponent: Macedonia"

Hmm. Pandev plays great for the Macedonians. So, I consider him a threat.

On paper, we should be able to beat them, and I am also a big optimist.

I say a 3-1 win for us.

Petric to score 2, and Srna to score 1.

Pandev is a great player but he can’t do it in his own


Petric hattrick
Da Silva Quattrick
Luka Modric 1x

I predict croatia 2-0. i can’t see macedonia scoring a goal but if they do, it will be when we are already 2-0 up. same as the norway match.
2-0 or 2-1
cant see any other score.

dudu je najbolji !!

Hello my Croatian friends. I’ve recently also written an article about the upcoming match between Croatia and Macedonia and I’ve also included a poll about the outcome of the match. So I invite you on to leave your vote


Igor. I’m having trouble getting onto your site. It should be a great match though.


You accidentaly spelled your Link worng…you added a c at the end of football.

This is the real link if you guys are interested in checking out the macedonian site…

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