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Mladen Petric Wanted By Bayern for 6 Million

Posted on: February 20, 2007


Mladen Petric Croatias Start Striker has gotten an offer from Byern Munchen! The team is really interested in the Croatian Striker, they belive he has a allot of pottential…

My Opinion: 6 Million! WTF? He is a quality player, he should get atleast 8 million. He’s worth every penny because he is a very reliable player.

Bayern is not my favorite club, i would actualy want to him play in England or perhaps spain…

But its nice to see offers are coming in!


9 Responses to "Mladen Petric Wanted By Bayern for 6 Million"

is the source vecernji list? If it is don’t believe it then, Vecernji list is alwys saying that a Croat will go to a big club but it’s always a lay

yea i think it was vecernji list…or I dunno its one of those two

i think 6 mill is fine man.. i myself would like him to join spain.. or england .. he has alot more to offer skills finishing heading ability he even has pace.. hes got abit in his repetoir.. so i belive he has the quality to play in the major leagues.. i would like him to join spainn due to the lack of croatian players playing there.

Basel want at least 8 MIL for him.

Basel wants to despratly keep him…

but i think he should go, because he is in the top of his career right now..

hahahahahha lolol @ denis i like your work 🙂 serbs might have a few things to say… usually there pretty quiett *rolls eyes* but i think they will bark loud now LOLL

ooopss loll sorry

my bad.. i was obviously was tired when i wrote this.. i pasted it on the wrong 1 hehe anywayss bog

lol its ok steve…

I was trying to find the post of the serb in this post and i couldnt find
I do that all the time, type stuff in the worng post…

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