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Redknapp: Kranjcar Will Be Top Player ( Interview with Kranjcar)

Posted on: February 20, 2007


Here is an Interviw with niko Kranjcar by SkySports…

Kranjcar Claims He didnt preform good for his National team! lol I think he did perrty good… Nice passes, dribbles..assists! He is amazing… Needs to have more confidence tho.
I really want to see him score a goal already for Pompey. He does get a little to tired, but overall he is a good lad…

To Watch The Video Click On The Posts TitleMacedonian Football! Croatia vs Macedonia March 24th 2007


5 Responses to "Redknapp: Kranjcar Will Be Top Player ( Interview with Kranjcar)"

Did you guys see this interview? I thought there would be more post on this article… ANyways dont let the Macedonian Banner Fool you…

HAHAHA, lol Niko is gay! He doesnt have any skills!

A typical Croatian without skills…

You want some reall players, just go to serbian site…

Later NAzis

Yup, the same real players Serbia has that lost to Basque 4 – 0. A team equal to Moldova.

You guys must be proud.

lol Basque, who the Fu** are they…

i think niko will be a good player but i dont think he’s going to be great..time will tell if he will succeed in the premiership but it will be tuff for him as conitioning and speed are not his strengths and that is what england is all about..personally i believe spain would be a perfect fit for niko..they play much more technical football there and this is were niko’s excellent vision could shine..

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