Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

The Macedonian Threat To Croatia: Goran Pandev

Posted on: February 20, 2007


Goran Pandev (Macedonian: Горан Пандев) (born July 27, 1983 in Strumica, Republic of Macedonia) is a football striker currently playing for Lazio. He is currently the most highly regarded Macedonian soccer player and, along with Goce Sedloski, Petar Milosevski and Artim Šakiri.

As a youngster he was snapped up by Italian club Internazionale, who loaned him out to Spezia and Ancona. In 2004, he moved to SS Lazio (part of transfer that includes Stankovic in Inter) to play in the Serie A. He started the 2005 season by scoring the only goal in the first match, giving Lazio a win over Messina.

Pandev has been capped 28 times and scored 10 goals for Republic of Macedonia national football team.

Pandev is only the second Macedonian to play in the Italian Serie A (Darko Pancev was the first, having had a brief career with Internazionale in the early 90’s).

The English media has speculated about a transfer to Arsenal, in fact an interview has been published in which Pandev allegedly states that this is his ambition, however he strongly refutes those comments and is even willing to sue several English newspapers. “I’ve never spoken with this journalist,” he said on the 7th October, on the eve of the England – Macedonia Euro 2008 qualifying match. Lazio coach Delio Rossi admits he won’t block any move away for the player, stating “If the player does not believe Lazio is the best club for him, then he should seek a change of scenery.” On the 1st December, newspapers in the UK have linked him with a move to Rangers F.C.. On January 30th, the Times linked him with a move to Portsmouth F.C.

In the last Roman derby (December 2006) Pandev was the leader in the record victory 3-0 over Roma.

Slaven Bilic said Pandev will be Croatias biggest threat. He is a very good player, and he has good skills. He doesnt make many mistakes, and often scores every chance he has…

Is he really a Croatian Threat?

I think Croatia will have everything under control. Bilic will make sure we take good care of Pandev…

Pandev said on Croatia has a chance to beat us, but WE HAVE TO WIN.
Pandev is taking this game very seriouse. This could perhaps ruin Mecedonias road to Euro 2008. And Croatia could maybe secure a spot in Euro2008, depending on how other teams do. This will be a great match. It will be very nearve wrecking to watch…

The only thing that I as a croatian soccer fan am worried is that every great team loses sometimes. And I hope its not agianst Macedonia, but I hope we never lose with this team that we have right now. Croatia is amazing… Hopefully we will keep up the good work.


10 Responses to "The Macedonian Threat To Croatia: Goran Pandev"

Nothing a good tight kovac tag cant fix !!!!

omg if people really believe that Macedonia has a chance than they really should go to the doctor!! C’mon Macedonia is nothing more than a Andorra. It was luck that they drawd England

Croatia will win with hugh goals maybe Croatia will do again 7 goals but my prediction stays at 8 goals!

Yea I like the confidence! But you have to understand. Maceodnia loses this one and they’re out! lol

dont kno about the 8 goals but yer.. i think we should win thers never certainties in this game but weve got the quality confidence we have it all basically atm.. its a good place to be i hope they dont let us down because i wont be a happy man!! on this panvev guy hes a big talent he can take u on or finish with ease hes 1 to worry about.. but if we take our chances thenn it wont worry so much because i belive posession will be with us majorly.. macedonia like to play on break so just dont commmit to much and then we should be fine.. i dont predict matches i like them to pan out themselves i never get to over confident so it doesnt hit me in the face later on… thats just the way i am anyways LET THEM BOYS DO US PROUD AY.. AJDE HRVATSKAA 🙂

my New Prediction!!

Croatia vs Macedobia 61-1!!! j/k

Steve, just guess what do you hope the score will be?

Hello Denis. Can you please tell me a way to contact you because I sent you email on but there’s no replay from you yet

id say 3-0 or 3-1 find it hard seeing us conceeding but yer who knows there u go denis 😛

@ Igor

I got your e-mail… Im workin on the Banner for you…

I think it will be 2-0 to croatia …possibly 2-1. At worst a draw…if it’s a draw i can see it being 2-2 or 3-3 because it’ll take some serious defensive errors to allow this but that can happen.
final prediction.. 2-0 (petric 32, kranjcar 74)

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