Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Lets Talk About Croatias Team and Future

Posted on: February 22, 2007


Well The picture above tells us a lot. Croatia has had very much success after Bilic has take over. The main difference from C.Kranjcars Team, and Bilic’s team is the Attacking style and Croatias new players. We are now a very attacking oriented team. We take pleasure in attacking and we dont like to deffend. Thats a mentality that I like very much. And I hope it takes us far. But, since this is an unpredictable sport. There is always the nasty chance of loseing. The best teams lose sometimes. I wonder who will be the team we lose against? Are we going to win every game in our qualification rounds? Are we ever going to lose? Is it just a matter of time? There is many negative questions I ask myself. Although I hope Croatia NEVER loses. Some of you may ask yourself. ” Why is he even thinking about it” Well, after portugal beat Brazil. I realized that losing is a part of the game, and thats why I asked myself the question. ( Plus, I ran out of Ideas For This blog…I gotta write something!)

Yep, Slaven Bilic is our Coach. He is a very talented fellow, he owns bronze medal from 1998  at home, and is a very respectable individual, especialy now that he is schooling the world on Coaching younger  players.

    I found an article somewhere. It was about Slaven Bilic and england. West Ham is offering Slaven Bilic 11 million dollars to coach west ham… his former club. The media said that Bliic will not coach until he is done with Croatia National Team. But a new article stated that Bilic is closer and closer to coaching West Ham. If he coached West Ham, he would have to retire from Croatias National Team. I personally dont think he will make a dumb move like that, he would become the most hated Croatian ever. Being the coach of the Croatian team is not a Job, it is an honor. Long story short. Do you belive Slaven is Crazy enough to accept 11 million to coach and english team? By the way, I never posted this before on the blog…But Slaven Bilic Said That English national team is ” SHIT” couple days before the match against England. It really was funny. But it was prrty sweet, since we won.
    Whats the national teams future? I know many of you ask youselves. Maybe not, but I do! Is Croatia ever going  to become a world champion?Well, this is what I think: I honestly belive Croatia will win a majore tournament in the next 10 years. And I belive Croatia will also become the next soccer Superpower. Im not just saying that because Im a die hard Croatian fan, but if you look at croatia performances in the past, and now. They really seem like they are going somewhere. I dont know, it might be the pride, but what ever it is  helping us out a lot. I also hope we keep producing dedicated players. And hopefully someday it will reward us. Its just a mater of time…

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Nice article! I don’t think Croatia will win ever a WC because the competition is huge but i do think that smaller tournemant like a European championship that can be won by Croatia! If Greece can do it(who probably won’t even qualify for this EC)than Croatia can do it too!!

Slaven would be nuts if he would go to West Ham because we need him. west ham isn’t important so screw them!

And about our future i think it will be okay we have Modric, Kranjcar, Eduardo, Petric, Srna, Corluka and than the new talents like Ante Rukavina, Nikola Kalinic, Ivan Rakitic,18 year player who plays in Basel and is being followed by Juventus and AC Milan but he prefered to stay at Basel he will be in Croatias squad he will follow Petric, that are all young players and i hope that Slaven will lead us to the WC 2010 if he does a good job at the EC 2008

Yea the competition is huge. But Croatia is not a bad team, we can win a WC I think. We proved to everyone that we can compete with the big boys. Once you have the abilty to beat teams like Brazil, Italy, England you will have a greater chance…

You see Italy, I dont think they are any better then us. I know we can beat Italy. If they can win the world cup then we can too.

WTF you dont belive the croats can win the world cup!?
The whole point of a national team is to win the world cup! You’re basically saying that croatia is playing for nothing! What a fan you are pfff

yo, nice site. But LukaCroatia is right! Croatia will never win the World Cup,because Serbia will 🙂

later Bitches…


Nice design. Keep up the good work


Maybe Bilic will coach both West Ham and Croatia. Gus Hiddink was coach of both Australia and PSV just before the last world cup. Though I think it would be foolish of him to do that. I personally don’t want to see him leave the Cro NT. And any team in the world cup finals has a shot at winning.

Lol Serbia is farther away from winning the world cup then Croatia…

Anyways, if you look at the Navigation bar above, I added a new page its called “Opponents-Group E”

@ Markan

Offcourse i want Croatia to win the WC but we won’t because we don’t have the luck to winn it look at 98 we were the best team of that WC and still didn’t win because we made a couple mistakes wich was enough for France to take advantage of it. but winning the European championship is possible because that’s a small tournment compared to a wc and maybe we will have there luck and i also have to mention that Croatia never came to a second round of a wc or a EC after 1998. So i think that we should hope that Croatia can reach the second round instead of whining it all;)

And Serbia will win the WC? the chances for Serbia are just high as wining the WC for Saudi Arabia! Serbia is pathetic in football they coudn’t even beat Ivory Coast, a country who never was on a WC and a country with the population who even didn’t know that their country has qualified

jel priča ko hrvatski ovdje,,,

Da. I znam pricati Hrvartki.


da, znamo pricati Hrvatski…

eduardo, dobra ti je blog stanica! Super je

I do believe that croatia can win a euro cup and will win one and i believe that they can win a world cup. If this team that we have now keeps on gettin better and better and when the next world cup rolls around they should be one of the power houses in the tournament. If we play with a lot of heart and skill and brains we could do great. hrvatska ide do kraja.

croatia has some very good talent for now and for the future..with guys like modric petric eduardo corluka kranjcar rukavina all young i can see us making a run at winning a major tournament in the will be hard though..look at some of the great talented dutch teams and they havent been able to win a world cup..our 98 team was maybe the most talented but we fell short..if we would have had bosksic maybe we would have won who will be hard for this generation to match the 90’s team success but with a little luck and with bilic leading us i defintley think we can win a major tourney..

Josip, i too belive we can go really far. Its just a matter of keeping up what we’re doing. If we let go, and change to much like other teams are doing then we’ll never win. If you look at teams like bosnia, serbia, neatherlands. They all have potential but tehy change coaches every year. They dont have a program. Croatia really works together, and go slow…like Bilic said :” We go game by game”

Hrvatska will do very well in euro 2008 i rekon!! they got an outstanding team at the moment who play well together and really who coulsnt the beat in europe, there capable of beatong anyone.

And just wait till we host euro in 2012 we will never lose on home soil..But they definitely do have a good future ahead


Yea, it will be great. Croatia just might win Euro 2008. And yes if we host Euro 2012! We will deffenantly win. Croatia plays amazing when they are at home.

Denis u r right as long as we stay consistence then we will be fine. Goin game by game is the best way. If we stick with bilic and continue to grow with our younger talents we can go far and accomplish many things. True croat fan.

Petric and Modric and Eduardo really impress me! It’s frustrating they play for leagues that are not transmitted over here, hope they move soon!!! – very selfish of me, but youtube quality sometimes sucks big time. Not to mention my blatant crush on classy Kranjcar. And Igor Budan is great at Parma as well. I truly believe you guys have it all and can go farther that you have ever dreamed.

EURO 2008 is right at your door and you can do it.
About World Cup whatb i know is that skills and will are a powerful combination, and traditional champions can fall under their feet. See what Nigeria was able to do, you guys already did, and I believe Portugal was supposed to do in 2006 if it wasn’t for that pathetic referees.

it’s your turn, guys. It IS scaring bc of the big names other team carry, but there is nothing bigger than skills and will. Go get some!

Hey,melissa tell us a little about your self. I know you are brazilian. Im amazed that you are interested in Croatian soccer. Is it because of Eduardo Da Silva?

By the way…Did Kranjcar answer the questions we sent him?

World Cup 2006 first game, as i told u guys… then i followed the team results and performance, then i saw croatia deserve so much more of what they get. I’m brazilian from Manaus (an industrial city at north, rain forest part – huge rivers and trees around and playground waterfalls) and before seeing your football i didn’t know much about Croatia besides zagreb is capital, Jugoslavia war in early 90s and that u have the nicest part of adriatic sea – this last thing tx to e! entertainment television =p

Here I have two ESPN channels and two SporTV channels (by TV Globo, a huge group) transmitting major leagues and competitions and a good internet connection for brazilian standards (which actually are still poor on that)

About Kranjcar, his answers will be published on Pompey MatchDay Programme, a little magazine on home matches, on March 03rd; the publisher is, and unless we are there to buy, we have to call them AFTER this date and order it. If they publish this part only on pompeyfc site for members, I’ll send you!

Bilic wont coach WestHam, not as they are going to be relegated. Besides, Bilic has just begun his coaching career. He would obviously want to complete this “project”-at least until after euro2008, although probably until the next WC. I remember an interview with him right after he got the job for the NT when he said, “I’m not even concerned about euro2008 but about developing the squad for 2010”.

I really like what bilic is trying to do with he team. He really is trying to make it as good as it can be.

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