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Is it just me or do we all love Luka Modric?

Posted on: February 23, 2007


Yep! Looka Modric, just joshing with ya, its “Luka” Modric. Yea he is a great player. Fast, he has skills. Hes young, and people love to watch him play. Atleast I do. He has raised a couple eye brows here and there. Bayern is looking at Modric, and Mladen Petric right now. Im perrty sure other clubs are watching  him too. He is a really outstaning player, talented and everything, i really like his style. I think hes going to take Croatia far in Euro2008 and world cup 2010.

If he had to move to a club, i would love for him to play in england, or perhaps spain. I really want to see a Croatian player in barcelona though, and if I could chose it would of been eather Niko Kranjcar, Eduardo Da Silva, or Modric.  I also like Babic, people dont give him enough credit sometimes. He bearly makes any mistakes on the pitch. Anyways, ” Look Out For Luka Modric”.

what do you think about modric? Where do you think he should play?


15 Responses to "Is it just me or do we all love Luka Modric?"

ja sam iz zagreba, iz sesveta točno, razumijem engleski, sve kužim kaj piše, ali ga pisat nemam pojma jer ga nisam nikad učio, ma luka je legenda, vidio sam ga neki dan na borongaju, uzimo je lovu s bankomata…haha, ja molim boga da ostane još neko vrijeme u dinamu, a onda bi bez problema mogo u bayern, tko je vlasnik stranice, denis? kolko nisi bio u hr, kolko imaš g ?

Da Ja vodim ovu stranicu. Imam 18 godina, nisam bijo u hr 5-6 godina. Dosadno ovdje u Americi. Nije nista kao oni pricaju dole u evropu. Neki vole..a meni se dopada nogomet previse pa me ne interesuje ovde nista. Oni samo gledaju americki fudal sto je blesav, pa se pipremam za dolazak Hrvatsku. Imam dole u Slavonskom Brodu kucicu, i dosta familie.

hmmm…sesveta? Ovo je ludo pitanje…ali znasli ikagog Anita Jukica dole? 🙂

neznam jukiće nikakve… ma mogu si mislit kako ti je s tim njihovim nogometom, prenose ga ovdje kod nas na lokalnoj televiziji, grozan je

I would love to see luka modric go to a bigger club also as well as edurado it would also be sweet to see petric go to a bigger club as well.

@ Dennis

when will you go back to Croatia then?

I’m 17 and just like you it’s boring for me here too and when i turn 18 i will go to Croatia too, i will find a school that allows me that i can study in Croatia and then i can go watch matches from Dinamo Zagreb:D

luka modric is croatia’s best player by far..he is the engine that makes the team go..the reason why i think he is our most vital player is because hes a two way player great at both ends of the pitch..ive watched luka both live and plenty on tv and it amazes me how much he runs and how good he is technically..i think luka will move to a midmajor club to either spain or england before moving to a major club..

yea im going in a year or two. If I win the lottery ill go back tommorow.. 🙂


No, i think Modric will make it big right away… bayern is a Big Club.

i thought babic was croatias best player along with prso in the world cup! he never stop running down the left wing, good pace and dribbling skills and got past alot of the brazilian players..Also got some good shots on target..

He would be a superb player in italy or spain!
Modric should play for a club in engalnd like arsenal or tottenham.


where abouts do you live denis

i live in Iowa right now…

great webiste by the way..if luka goes to bayern that would be great but the croatian media is extremely unreliable..i dont know if you remember the kranjcar saga but our media had him going to major clubs all over europe and he he ended up going to portsmouth a midlevel english far all the modric rumors are from croatian media nothing from german media..

Luka will leave in the summer along with eduardo and corluka will also leave if not this summer transfer period next summer. Luka is quality and i believe he will be heading to the emerates stadium london to play for arsenal. For once you actually do see this in the eng papers unlike the talks of bayern. Eduardo will go to holland, spain or england not sure where. Tottenham interested aswell as psv. Corluka i think will go after euro 08 as he prob needs 1 more year in cro before he will be ready for 1st team action at a quality club. Petric will go to either bayern, weder or celtic

offcourse we all love modric. cause hes a sexy beast 😛 lol 1 of our best players in years.. i hope he goes to arsenal as i am a gunners fan 😛 but its hard to get in there with all the talented youngsters.. but yer top clubs will be wanting his signature ,, i think a club like real madrid will do himm well.. they need some midfield creativeness BAD-LEE but hell do us proud for whoeva he plays 4 no doubt

Modric would fit perfectly in the English Premier, since he’s very comfortable playing long ball.

I think Modric has potential to be a star like DECO or RUI COSTA,..but he must go to another club to be with all top class players to make expiriance…On mi je jedan od najjačih igraća ikada, on Suker, Boban i Prosinecki(i Asanovic i svi ostali…)

aj pozz

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