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Rules of the Rich: How the Rich Got Rich

Posted on: February 23, 2007

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There are 68 secret rules that the rich follow. They can lead you to prosperity, happiness, and wealth. But the rich don’t want you to learn those rules, because they don’t want competition. Luckily for you I Harry Chong have coaxed a millionaire (Lorenzo Black) after many months, into telling me these secret rules. Now we have a book that tells it all, all the secrets of the rich (The Rules of the Rich: How the Rich Got Rich). So don’t let opportunity pass you by. Get this book and read these rules; I guarantee they will change your life. It doesn’t matter how you get this book (borrow it, steal it, buy it) just get your hands on a copy. Because the rest of your (new and better) life begins today.

Yo, its me Denis…This book is truely amazing, i just followed a couple rules, i think i made about 4000 dollars on my new business this month. This book really helps. I recommend it to EVERY ONE! Here is my Rating:
Let me know what you think. Im sorry, this is not soccer related, but the book made me so happy i had to post it! lol

If you are interested in This book here is alink to buy it. Its only like 13 bucks, you can also buy the e-book version.

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3 Responses to "Rules of the Rich: How the Rich Got Rich"

yea, i ll check the book out. It seems interesting.

I’ll look into it, back to nogomet please. lol

lol sorry, dont worry i just had to poin it out there…We’ll be back on soccer

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