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Olic Scores His First Goal for HSV – VIDEO

Posted on: February 26, 2007


Croatia International Ivica Olic finaly scored his first goal of his German Career playing for Hamburg SV. The goal seemed to have been lucky, he kind of stumbled when he kicked and fell to the ground. But it doesnt matter, this will greatly give him more confidence and bring him closer of becoming a starter. Ivica Olic came in the game the 64th Minute. I hope this is just a beginning for Ivica.

See Video Here


6 Responses to "Olic Scores His First Goal for HSV – VIDEO"

neka hsv ispadne iz lige, onda olić dolazi u dinamo…

That wasnt a lucky goal it was pretty great! He placed it nicely in the opposite direction that the goalie was going. Smart goal.

nice goal.. it wasnt lucky, thats what he had planned but he fell ova.. keep it up ivica

congrats to olic it makes it easier to play once that first goal comes. Wasent a bad goal.

Hahahaha Eduardo

Nevjerujem da ce ispasti HSV, zato sto je sad olic dosao. To znaci da ce on spasiti njih lol 🙂

i guess its not lucky…I havent looked closly enough

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