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Vranjes Scored For Werder Bremen

Posted on: February 26, 2007


Croatias Jurica Vranjes Scored against Monchen Gladbach. The End result of the match was 2-2. So basically the  Croatian helped them get atleast one point.

To be honest I fogot that Vranjes even plays for werder. He is almost never on the news. But I know as a fact that he is a quality player. People dont give him enough respect. Jurica vranjes is a quite player who always trys hard…He’s not here to impress anyone, he just does what hes told.

Klasnic and him are good friends from What Ihave heard. He went to Juricas house to watch Cro vs Nor, when he was sick and had problems with his kidney whitch he still has…

This story was very boring indeed. 🙂


4 Responses to "Vranjes Scored For Werder Bremen"

ej sta ima? Vranjes is a joke.

Vranjes is alright. He’d been on the Werder bench for so long. It’s just recently he’s been getting time on the field.

As for other news, Ivica Olic finally scored for Hamburg yesterday. 😀

oh yea, i should of made a post about olic…..yea he finaly scored lol!!

Vranjes should get a chance to prove himself in Cro. NT. he deserves it and i think he would be a good player for us

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