Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Whose Going To Be Second In Group E?

Posted on: February 27, 2007


As you might of known all Croatians are confident in Finishing 1st in group E. But the reall question is who will hold the second spot?. England? Russia? Macedonia?  or Israel? 

Englands Coach is still confident in making it in Euro 2008. I on the other hand belive they will not make it unless they get David Beckham back on their team. Now, Beckham is not the worlds best player but he has a deadly cross, which is perfect for Peter Crouch. Thats just my opinion.

Macedonia is my least favorite team to play. I hate teams that like to surprise teams. Macedonia has potential to beat big teams if their opponents arent a 100 percent. They have great players that play in italy and other big leagues. It will be between Russia and Macedonia for the second spot I believe.

Russia as always has a very tough team. They play hard and try to win. They are the only team Croatia hasnt beat. Croatia vs Russia was the first Qualifying match for Croatia. So I think they will have a great chance to snatch the second spot.

Israel has a good team, At home they are almost unbeatable. Croatia was the first team to beat them at home since the early 80’s. When Croatia beat israel at home they lost confidence and therefore I belive Israel will compete for the 3rd spot with england.

Andorra trys hard, but they just dont have the skills, and enough players to make a big difference in their national team.

Estonia will also not have a chance just like andorra. They try hard but they  just cant compete with the big boys. Im sure in the future they will become better.

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Macedonian Football! Croatia vs Macedonia March 24th 2007


3 Responses to "Whose Going To Be Second In Group E?"

rusi idu kao drugi

I’d like Macedonia to finish 2nd.

It’s going to be between Russia/England/Macedonia though.

i think that it will either be england or russia but im leaning more to england bc they have more superstars on their team and some big name players.

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