Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Croatias Form Has Never Been Better!

Posted on: March 1, 2007


Its hard to tell in whitch matches we will play better, and in whitch worse. Im prrty sure we can play even better then now, said Slaven Bilic after we beat Norway. He also said, ” No, this is nothing, the best Croatian matches are still to come. Maybe against Maceodnije March 24th.  The win against England was not the beggining, and it certainly wasnt the end of Croatias great performaces. We can expect to win more big games!” Bilic is predicting that against Macedonia we will play even better then we ever did before!

Slaven Bilic, ” I was talking with the team,  they are eager to play, they  cant wait for the next match against Macedonia.”
Acoording to

Hmmm….I cant wait untill Croatia plays Macedonia, it will be a great match. The reason why is because if Macedonia loses this one it could mean the end for them. And if Croatia win they will get way more closer in securing a spot for Euro2008.

What do you think….Has croatia form never been better?


11 Responses to "Croatias Form Has Never Been Better!"

I agree our form incredible at the moment. Bilic is doing an amazing job with the team. He’s giving them a fighting spirit and making the players hungry for wins.

1 match at a time I say.

yes, they’re in the best form since 1996 I believe.The great team of ’98 was at their peak in the 96 Euro finals and just past it I thought at the WC , which I thought we’d have won with a youthful and fitter Boksic.For me this side is the best since then, we’ve had nothing but misfit players who were out of position because of lack of quality or players who couldn’t make the squad years earlier suddenly thrust into the side.Now we genuinely have that quality again all over the park, apart from maybe a Bilic and Jarni type.looks good.

i agree i think we will be seeing alot of more exciting wins by croatia and them beating alot of big power house team. bilic has done a great job and i credit him alot.

hey, this team really does remind me of 98… is why

josip simunic=jarni
babic=ajosa ananovic

and so on….

Good old Stanic. My hero. lol.

I remember his first match in the English Premier. His first shot was a goal and was named goal of the year lol

yer i remember that goal lol what a belter of a goal

1998 was my favorite year ever. Such fun times…lol

I was 10 years old. I asked my parents to buy me Croatian soccer gear, so i got my first real jersey, a number 9 with suker written in the back. I was so happy…

Then the match against Germany came and we kicked their ass 3-0. The next day i went to school with my croatia key chain, hat and jersey…I almost got ass beat by the germans…

They kept blaming the ref for their loss against Croatia…

Then when we played France, I thought we were going to win! Since we scored the first goal. But then the match ended 2-1. I was crying all night, my parents couldnt put me to sleep.

But soon i felt better when we beat Holland and got the bronze medal.

In 98, I was in Croatia.. 1 minute after we beat Germany.. I just kept hearing screams and car beepings all night.. lasted till about 8am.

I think it is unfair to compare this side to the one of 98. At the moment we still lack in certain areas but we also are better then the 98 side wide in midfield. I think srna abd babic and niko is a better combo then what we had in 98. We need a holding midfielder to be thrusted into the side after niko kovac is gone. We need a viera type player to dominate possesion and play the ball. I think we can go without if we move kranjcar and modric both into the centre of the park. Up front we are extremely strong. petric is an animal and eduardo is a freak of nature. In defence is where we have struggled in recent years but at the moment we seem to have the right players. R.Kovac, Simunic, simic, Corluka, Tudor are all more then capable and they form a good partnership together. All in all we are a very talented side and we will do big things if we keep bilic on as our coach. Good luck to all the boys

Matt I agree, you cannot compare the 98 squad. The 98 squad was one of a kind, and the reason we won was not only skills, and talent but prid too.

The reason the current national team reminds me of 98 is because of our good performaces and pride. Player wise we will never have a team like the one is 98.

We might have a better team then the one in 98 but it will never be the same one.

And bilic is truely a good coach, i cant belive how lucky we were to get his as a coach.

I liked Cico Kranjcar, and i wanted to keep him, but i guess the Croatians in the HNS headquarters made a right decision…

You can’t compare this team to the 98 team, a little WC trivia…. in 98 our team was the most expensive team in the WC. There are big differences, our defense is good, our midfield is slightly weaker…come on Boban, Asanovic, Prosinecki, those are three very creative midfielders, and having Asanovic & Prosinecki coaching is helping our players immensely. Up front we have more depth. As great as Suker was in finishing he wouldn’t have won the golden boot in 98 if i wasn’t for our midfield, that midfield arguably was one of the greatest ever assembled. However back to our 08 team, the fire is back, I see it in our play, we have many young ultra talented players wanting to get signed in bigger clubs/leagues and many quality seasoned players in the “fall/jesen” of their careers in which this will most likely be there final international tournament. Additionally the team seems to have a ton of respect & love for Bilic this will be a big tournament for Croatia, we have a good shot of getting quite far and possibly a good bet for a tilt at the Euro Cup ako Bog da! Djava te odnija ne mogu cekat do 24i Uboj!!!!!!!!

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