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Portsmouth Fans: Harry, we want Kranjcar!

Posted on: March 1, 2007


Portsmouth has been going through hell these couple of games.  And fans are tired of having a loseing team. According to Pompey fans want a new line up. And in that line up they are demanding Niko Kranjcar. Pompey fans are tired of the same old line up because they can almost expect the outcome of the game . They despratly want younger players on the field instead of older players that lost the passion to play.

Niko Kranjcar and his flashy dribbleing skills are impressing portsmoth supporters, they really want to see more of him on the field. Harry likes the way Niko plays, he admires his smooth handling on the ball. But my question is: If you like it so much why dont you let him play more? Hes been doing great every game. He is a true asset to the team, and im sure sometimes soon we will see allot more of Niki.


2 Responses to "Portsmouth Fans: Harry, we want Kranjcar!"

to be honest, I thought he was terrible against blackburn.I was shocked at how poor his passing was in that game, he had his chance to shine and didn’t take it.I’m not sure where they’re saying he should play, not on any forums I visit where they’re very unsure of him still.I think he looked great the game before and has shown glimpses but he obviously hasn’t done enough to be an automatic selection or he would be by now.I thought it would take all season for him to adjust because he was so slow early on but there’s no denying his great touch and vision.I’m not sure.He looks way better in a Croatian shirt.

well, this is according to

but anyways everyone has his bad moments in soccer, perhaps a bad day. But I know kranjcar is a good player.

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