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Eduardo Da Silva was voted player of the month by Poll

Posted on: March 2, 2007


Eduardo Da Silva was voted Croatias Player Of The Month by a poll created by me “Denis S”, the owner and operator of the site.

Here are the results
Eduardo Won by only 1 VOTE! In Second Place was Niko Kranjcar last months player of the month, he had 14 votes this time.

1. Eduardo Da Silva
2. Niko Kranjcar
3. Niko Kovac
4. Mladen Petric
5. Marko Babic
6. Luka Modric, Vedran Corluka, Srna
( Tied For 6th place)
A total of 56 votes have been made!

To Read About Player Of The Month simply click on “Player Of The Month” Located by the Navigation bar on top of the page.

Next Vote Will be after the Match Against Macedonia!


9 Responses to "Eduardo Da Silva was voted player of the month by Poll"

I would have given it to Kovac or Petric, but hey.. all it good in the Croatian hood. 😀

well you have to to vote…

The link to vote is located the right bottom side of the page.

majstor je majstor

Wow. How did Niko almost make player of the month? Has anybody been watching him in February? He played 2 half games. The one game against Man City he was good at times but he also made bad mistakes 7/10 in that game. Against Blackburn he was invisible and contributed to nothing. He had opportunities to shine but he wasted them. 4/10 for him in that game. And I don’t hate the guy. I actually have his pompey jersey i got here in london. But he’s got to eventually score or assist on some chances. That’s one of the reasons he’s not getting a regular starting role. He might make fancy moves and nice touches, but majority of the time nothing has really come from them. Or maybe I’m wrong? 🙂

I know its crazy, he didnt even play in February, i dont know who voted for him. I can understand eduardo….I actualy thought Petric will win, but I guess i was wrong..

heh eduardo won

i have a this based over all the games they play? for club and country or is it just for croatia?….i would probably say luka modric if da silva didnt win…kranjcar is disappointing at portsmouth..i think he will be one of those players that always seem to play well for their country but not so good for club…in a way i think thats a good thing…people will underestimate him because of his form at pompey and hell come out firing at euro2008, suprise everyone and win it for mighty croatia!..

No, its based on how they do each month…

Kranjcar shouldn’t be on the list.You have to play surely? Eduardo for sure, Modric should be second.Who made this list, I mean personally.Does he know football? Was it Cico?

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