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I want to expand This Site Into A Real Profesional Site!

Posted on: March 2, 2007


Hello! Its me Denis Owner and operator of  I want to expand the site and make it bigger. I want allot more audience. In order to do that I would have to expand by getting a real Domain Name. This domain name ( ) It Is free and therefore hard to find in search engines. This blog that I use is also free. It is provided by 
Thats why I will need your help with something. I don’t know what I should call the new site?

Croatia2008. (com) is not available, someone else took it already. So I will need your help to come up with a new name for the site.

Im also planning for a new look and better features. I really want to make a big good lookin site.

Here are  couple of domain names that are available. Let me know what you think about them. CONTINUED

These are just a couple I came up with. Dont look at the logo but the names. If you have any ideas please post them here.Making a real site will cost me money. Since im not rich or anything you can help me by donating or by investing.

If you Invest you  can actualy make money too. If you invest $2 in me I will give you back $4 dollars. After I make the site I will make money by advertising and adsense and therefore i will be able to pay you back in doubl.  If you  investment there is a risk that I might not be able to pay you back if the site doesnt become succesfull. But look at it as you  donating, and if the site works out you could also get payed.

The reason I will have to have Ads on the site is so I can make money to pay writers so the site can be updated everyday and to have more content on the site.

The money you donate or invest will be used only for paying web hosting and domain name registration fees. And other site expenses…

Anyways I hope you can help me expand this site! And maybe earn some money too.


15 Responses to "I want to expand This Site Into A Real Profesional Site!"

yea, let me know what i should call the new site…

i kind of like

And if you want to help invest or donate let me know, i will post a link where you can do all those things.

My goal is to make a site for all croatians around the world who love croatian soccer and are interested in the upcoming and future soccer events like world cups and euro cups.

I also would like to have the site in the croatian laguage too for Croatian speaking audince.

So like lets say the name of the site is
I would also make one called basiccally wth the same content and same look but other language.

Offcourse I would pay a person to translat the site, not becuse I don speak Croatian cuz I do…it just would be too hard to update two sites…

I would also sell stuff on the site to mke money for the site, and give out tickets nd stuff lik that to promote the site… mi je guba, a gdje napraviš domenu .com, kaj ne treba to platit

I kind of like becuse it’s easy to remember. Sticks in your head. If you tell people about the site then chances are they’ll remember that name more than or kinda like too.

Yeh cro2008 sounds pretty good ejjjj!!!

It sticks to you. is also cool. Symbolic lol

hmm, yea its between CRO2008 and but the thing with CRO2008 is that I would have to get rid of it after 2008. But Croatia11 I could continue using…

beautiful site!
cro2008 is good and cro11 would b good too

I like the better bc u would not have to take the 11 out like u would with the 2008. but either way its awesome i hope it happenes.

what about cro007 loll i was just thinking dont kno .. i agree CRO2008 would be good though

I think i will go with because iw ouldnt have to get a new link for the world cup….

thats too hard to remeber luka

I think you should go with i especially like the logos you designed for The two cubes(different sizes and different colors) and different color for croatia and 11.Looks good. I may be persuaded to send u a few of dollars if you go with croatia11.

Tome Milin

Tome Millin, thanx I would appreciate any help. I will let you know more soon.

yo, i just bought

if you have artistic skills and time, try to make a logo for I might use it as the official logo

e-mail any logos to my e-mail :

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