Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Slven Bilic And Coaching Assistants Worse Then FBI Agents!

Posted on: March 4, 2007


I was reading an article on Slaven Bilic and how he was anylysing and watching Macedinias every move. The match that macedonia and Albania played was recrded to a DVD. The DVD didnt work and now they are on mission to get a new one. They say they ill get a copy from Otto Baric.

Slaven Bilic is watching Pandev Very Closly and thinks he is  a big threat. After looking and and talking to many people Bilic has confirmed that the match against Macedonia will not be that easy afte all. It will if we come prepared he said. ( Slaven Probably Even Knows If Pandev Has  Blister on His Toe …lol)

The reason I refered to Slaven and his assistant coaches as FBI is because they are very involved, they ask their players what they think of Macedonia, they check almost every player and ask alot of questions, well they should thats why we succede.

They are also watching older videos of Macedonias Matches and they are watching matches from other teams that the Macedonian coach coached.

It seems that Slaven knows a little too much about our opponents. He is ready to play macedonia, he is convinced that we will win, but you sould never under estimate you opponents. ( He knows that, but this man is smart…so ill take his word for it ) 

Slaven Bilic said that Croatians in club teams are doing sensational. He watched Babic’s match, Simunic’s and olic’s match live, and he is impressed and happy that the Croatian Squad is gtting better and better.

( He also announced the Kovac Brothers are about to come back, and Rapaic more on that on the Next Post)


4 Responses to "Slven Bilic And Coaching Assistants Worse Then FBI Agents!"

When I heard that bilic was croatias new coach I right away knew that he will make our team succeed. He is an amazing coach and its awesome how much he is doing for us. I hope he will lead us to victory. I have a feelin we will win against macadonia.

Bilic is a pimp.

niko kovac is back and playing again for his club..robert kovac and miki though are not back playing yet..they are both back in training but i dont know if they will be ready by the 24th..

This is good…
something kranjcar probably would’nt have done!
he obviously wants to put in the effort to succeed!
He was part of the best Croatian side ever so he knows what it takes…
I love him 😀

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