Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

Slaven Bilic: We still didn’t Qualify!

Posted on: March 7, 2007


Slaven Bilic is not happy about Croatians fans, an player mentality. We are too confident right now. We need to lay down the ball and truely get ready for the next game. The match against Macedonia will not be a piece of cake.

Its still to early to brag about our team, slaven said. We need to be confident but not TOO confident. This brings too much pressure on the National team. And remeber we didnt have any pressure against….England, Russia, Andorra, and Israel…..we took it game by game, and I expect us to do the same. To win we will need to play great football not talk about how we are going to win. We need to keep a victory in mnd thats for sure. But what I have been hearing from fans lately is not going to keep the pressure down. You have to understand that Croatias great winning streak was no easy task we worked hard, and I expect to have the same mentaity we had against are past opponents.


9 Responses to "Slaven Bilic: We still didn’t Qualify!"

I think Bilic is aware whow much dangerous are the Macedonians so he tries to tell the Croatian nation not to expect a 100% win. Macedonia have a fantastic back 4 and a magicman Pandev, plus Mario Gjurovski has decided to play for Macedonia so in the middle he will be a man to watch, overall will be a great game thats for sure. Apparently around 5000 Macedonians will travel to Zagreb so the atmosphere should be even better than the one against England because on the end of the day this is a ex-Yugoslav derby. Result 2:2

No I dont think the Croatians are scared or the coach, but they just need to keep things under control. Yes, you guys did good against England, but remeber you guys tied the game. But us, we won the game. We are both diffrent teams, I expect Croatia to win. On paper we are better then you guys. And I for once am confident in the paper…

You guys might have a great defense, but so do we. Simunic, superstart Corluka, simic, and kovac….

Our midfielders are amazing.. Srna, Modric, Babic, and Niko Kranjcar! They play amzing…especialy Modric hes like Messi. Kranjcar is the dribbler, babic the guy with the great touch and super fitness. And srna has skill, speed and shot power.

This is where we will destroy you….Our forwards!
Eduardo Da SIlva he is unstopable! He good in the air! Or on ground! HAs moves and everything…he is the real package. Then there is Petric, he is a scoring machine! Absoulute meistro. He is best player in the Swiss.

Now if things arent going the way they are supposed to, then we have Balaban, Olic and super talented forward Igor Budan, the Italian Stallion as I like to call him. He scores from places where you dont expect to score from…

Yes, you might have 5000 fans to the game, but remeber we are playing in Croatia, and WE NEVER LOSE IN CROATIA especially not in Zagreb. It will be a tough match, but I think it will be tougher for you guys. You have more pressure then us, if you guys lose, it might be the end of your campaign.

Anyways, it will certainly be a great match! Only 17 days to go!!

As much as I love croatias national team and cheer them on I think this match is going to give them some trouble. I hope they win and I know they can win but bilic is right if we get to confident and not play to out fullest and without alot of heart we could end up losing. But I think we will win this one. Cant wait till the match.

i dont think its going to give us any trouble…. we beat way tougher teas then them…

Pandev won’t play acording to jutarnji

I really hopw we win!
Bilic has a great attitude…..kranjcar would have just thought this would be an easy match…but bilic is preparing for a tough one!
I still think we will win 3-0

Will go down to the wire, yes Croatia is better team on paper we are aware of that, but its not all about who is better on paper, its about who is more motivated on the night, who will score from the chances and of course its important who will be more lucky on the night. Thats true that if we dont win the game we are out but that dosen’t meen a lot to us because we never been “IN” anyway::))) but its always a first time, and what a better time for a first time ah?

i dont know it will be a good one though….thats all I know..

The croatians cant wait to play you guys, they are reallly excited to continue scoring lots and lots of goals.

Their confidence is at a all time high. And you have to understand Croatia is a team that purley plays for pride and for the nation. We are not england with overated players ….

Any team can beat anybody, we dont relay on luck, and hope.. We come to do a job and that is to win. Youu dont need luck if you work hard. And the croatian national works hard.

Im not saying that its immposible for you guys to beat us. But its highly unlikly. I would be dissapointed in Croatia if they didn’t beat England, and israel. Losing to macedonia wouldnt make any sense to me.

like to see dudu 14 games 6 goals n petric start 14 games 6 goals

balaban 30 games 10 goals 3 stater

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