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Do We Still Need The Kovac Brothers?

Posted on: March 9, 2007


We almost forgot about Robert, and Niko Kovac. Croatia did great without them, so does this mean we dont need them anymore? Its a tough one to answer, but Niko and Robert have some great qualities. Niko Kovac never gives up, he only gives 110 percent or nothing. He’s a real trooper. And Robert proved himself that he is a tough defender, just like his brother he never gives up.

Niko Kovac used to have a huge temper during games, but over time he relaxed a bit. He is a great captain, he pumps everyone up, and shows that he deserves to be captain. He is a real leader.

To be honest, everyone loves the Kovac brothers, we want them to stay as long as they can. They are older then many players on the team. Niko Kovac I think is 30 something right now. It will be a miracle if he plays in World Cup 2010.

It will be interesting to see what will happend to the two Croatian brothers. Hopefully they will get what they deserve. They love their nation, and they love to play for their nation. Nothing can stop them but Slaven Bilic.

Robert Kovac will probably not play against Macedonia because of his injurys. Lets keep our fingers crossed for a quick recovery.


Macedonian Football! Croatia vs Macedonia March 24th 2007


12 Responses to "Do We Still Need The Kovac Brothers?"

No matter how much i appreciate what Niko Kovac did for the national team over the past 8 years, it is time for Niko to start to give way to Leko and Vranjes. Niko is 35 years or age and he has been down graded to the Austrian team Red Bull Salzburg. Thats not a top 5 league. Whereas Vranjes and Leko(both are 26 years of age) are playing in the Bundesliga and Le Championnat league, and both have been getting considerable playing time from their teams(Werber Bremen and Monaco).

I think the case for Robert Kovac is stronger, he still plays for Juventus in Serie B. He is still a strong player for one of the strongest teams in all of Europe.

Robert must stay and retire at the end of euro 2008.

but on the other hand I’m not sure about Niko. He isn’t playing so well anymore, getting old and can’t move as fast anymore. But then when you think of the spirit he gives the team you start to want him to stay.

Rapaic and Srna seem to be fighting eachother for a spot in the midfield. I hate to see either of them on the bench! so maybe Niko should leave…i think its time!

😦 🙂 😦 🙂

kovac’s should got retired this year need new players to step



the Kovac brothers said that they will retire after the Euro2008:'(
but i have respect for them because Rovert and Niko(when he was a little bit younger) they were asked to play for Germany but they have chosen for Croatia!!!


have you heard about Croatia’s biggest talent in the world Ivan Rakitic? he’s born in Switzerland and has to decide untill 2009 if he will play for Switzerland or Croatia. He alrady played for the youth teams of Switzerland but the media says that he alrady decided to play for Croatia in the seniors despite playing for Switzerland in the youth teams…Ladic will cal him today to play for Croatia u-21..

here’s a vid of him:

and i think that we should do our best to convince him to play for Croatia so if there’s news about him you could put it on this blog, really he’s a big talent and Juventus, Chelsea and AC MIlan wanted Rakitic to join them but he said that it’s bether to develop in FC Basel, smart choise of him because he doesn’t have concurention of other players

robert is still a very good player and our best center back..niko on the other hand has slowed down alot and his passing is bad..he is though an inspiriational leader and is very good in his defensive reponsibilities..leko is probably the ideal person to take his place as he has good stamina can run and win tackles..vranjes by the way stinks..ive seen enough of him at bremen and every time ive seen him hes terrible..

that rakitic thing is just abit old :).. but anyways robert should stay,, niko should be out unfortunately 🙂

I think after euro 2008 niko should hang up his boots for the national team as much as I would hate to see him go bc he brings so much pride to the team and effort it is for the best as for robert he still has a little bit more to give for croatia and can play after euro 2008.

I like both Kovac brothers, two points I’d like to make….if Robert was on the pitch in Israel, I guarantee the Israelis wouldn’t have scored three against us. Last summer if Niko didn’t get hurt in the Brazil game Kaka wouldn’t have scored that goal….Niko sealed up the midfield, how he’s playing now I don’t know I haven’t really followed. Leko on the other did impress me against Norway his newly found aggressiveness has done wonders for his game.
Miki Rapaic & Srna both nasty as all hell however Miki is more of an offensive midfielder, he doesn’t have the energy like Srna to be all over the pitch i.e defending, then making counter attacking runs down the flank. Our defense needs some fine tuning we just don’t seem as solid like we looked in the beginning of qualifying. On the other hand our midfield & forwards do look quite impressive.

Robert is still crucial for sure and we wouldn’t have beaten England without
Niko’s strong play and great ball to eduardo.If he can still play to his best he should still be in the team, and when fit he always starts so Bilic must think he’s the best man in his position.Leko and Vranjes are good replacements but not so good that they can take a 35 year old players starting spot so that says something about them to me.Niko runs all day and also can create at times, basically what Modric is doing also.So there are many options.

kovac brothers are legonds for the croatia national team…they brought so much over the years..ill leave it up to bilic to decide what there faith is..but i know how much niko wanted to be on the 98 team but he was injured and i know how much he wants to prove croatia is a top team…hes got more heart then anyone else..but he’s getting older,and when he is gone we will all miss him..robert is a tuff as player with a hott ass wife lol


Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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