Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

This Could Be The Toughest Match

Posted on: March 9, 2007


Croatia vs Macedonia is a very anticipated game. The Croatians and Macedonians cannot wait untill kick off. Both teams have played great soccer so far in the qualification rounds. Croatia beat England, and Macedonia tied England which is a great achievment.

But who will win between Croatia and Macedonia, that is the big question. Many Croatians believe that we will win with ease… Slaven Bilic doesn’t like the attitude of cockiness of Croatian supporters now, and tells everyone to step down. We will take it game by game, and try our best. We can’t talk about things we didn’t achieve yet.

Slaven Bilic is confident that out boys will win. We just need to take it slow, and get ready.



4 Responses to "This Could Be The Toughest Match"

I kinda agree that we are getting a bit cocky. I’ve gotten over excited with each passing game since Bilic took over. But I can’t help it, they’re playing so well. The team’s playing well together as a unit and I just hope they continue play good as they have been.

On another note, a friend emailed me this clip of Ivan Rakitic and Mladen Petric trying to pull off a cheeky play for Basel. They didn’t score, but it was close. I like how Petric is smiling while waving over Rakitic, like he knows what’s about to happen…

We are getting a little too confident. But then again we have reason to be! we have played amazingly well, we have good players and a great coach. But we do have to take it game by game. If we win this one we will show how good we reall are and we will continue winning…. if we lose i dont know what will happen…will our great run end? will we lose all our confidence? or will we just brush it off and keep winning afterwards? I really hope we win and i think it will be probably 2-1 our way!

I feel the same way. I was too confident too. But Now I belive that it wil indeed be a close one…

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