Croatias Road To FIFA 2010

This is why Croatia is going to beat Macedonia

Posted on: March 13, 2007


Well, its quite simple. There is no big theory why Croatia is going to win. We are just better then Macedonia. Yes the Macedonians will put up a fight. But a fight is not good enough to destroy skill, pride and honor. Those are the traits that the Croatian team possesses.

They could beat us if we play like crap. But that will be highly unlikely since we will be playing at home. To be honest we will not beat them just because we have the power to do so, but we will win because we have better players.

Here is what im talking about….
Da Silva, and petric on top. You know one of those will score against Macedonia. They are very skilled forwards. Eduardo is he best striker in Croatia, and Petric is the best striker in Switzerland. This combination will revard us very much I belive. And if they dont we will have a full bench that will. Other talented forwards  are Budan, Rukovina, Balaban, and Olic…All the Croatian forwards are doing great at this momment. They are all scoring machines…

Now the midfield. We have great midfielders. They are very skilled also. My favorite midfielders are Modric, because he has the  skill, and an eye for the goal. He is an absolute danger to any team. Then there is Niko Kranjcar, also known as the Croatian play maker. He is the great dribbler, and he assists every match we have had with Croatia. He is not that lucky with scoring, he always manages to hit the crossbar, or something strange happens that prevents him from score. We also have Srna, he is super good midfielder, he has the speed, skill and everything a soccer player is supposed to have. He is a great asset to the team. Babic is my personal favorite Croatian midfielder. His touches are so smooth, his passes very accurate and he is probably the best assist maker on the Croatian squad.
Niko Kovac, the captain in my opinion shows the most heart, he plays right through the pain. Rapaic is super fit, very fast, and loves to score with his left foot. Top midfielder in my opinion.

See the midfielders, and forwards have what it takes to win already! Here is our defense.
Simic, Corluka, Simunic, Vejic, Robert Kovac, and Zivkovic. R. Kovac is injured. But we still have a great defensive line. Corluka is the new guy, he is very skilled indeed. A top knotch player. Then there is Simunic, that guy is amazing, reminds me or Jarni. We also have simic, the AC Milan Defender, he is a very experienced, he has the most caps for the Croatian National Team. Vejic i never seen him play, but i think he is good too. Bilic doesnt just pick up any body on the team.

As you can see, we shouldn’t worry that much. We have the squad, we have everything going for us, now all we have to do is play hard and win. It is truly as simple as that. just PLAY HARD, and we will be fine.

There is many other reason why we will beat Macedonia. here are a couple…The fans! We’re playing at home! We have a good squad! We have the perfect Coach! We have the most pride! The squad really wants to win, and they cant wait to score more goals..
If this adtitute  doesn’t help is win, nothing will…. I have complete faith in the National team. And I don’t think we should worry that much, we play tougher matches then this all the time…



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4 Responses to "This is why Croatia is going to beat Macedonia"

New fifa rankings are out!! Croatia still in 12th but we will move up soon if we win our euro qualifiers, i rekon we will win this one against macedonia aswell

Let’s wait and see, we love it when the oposition is so confident as you are in the moment. I hope up front for us will play Pandev-Ristic-Naumovski.
Simply can’t wait for the game. Regards

Yes we are confident, you Macedonians should worry. Croatia has beaten every team so far.

Macedonia is good but they are not as good Croatia is. Im just supporting my team. I’m not confident just to be an ass, but Im confident because I have faith in my team…

Did you see the %50 HOME WIN on the Statistic! LOL its Ridicules!

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