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Mladen Petric Injured! Bilic Calls New Striker!

Posted on: March 15, 2007


Maleden Petric, Croatias Scoring Machine is Injured! After the Swiss cup game against Aurera. Mladen Petric seems to have pulled a ligament.

The trainer said that Mladen will miss the Macedonia friendly for sure! Mladen packed up his things and went to another check up appointment. It turned out that the injury is not that seriouse after all, but nobody knows yet how long Mladen will be out. He wll start therapy very soon. And hopefuly he will be ready and fit for the next match against Macedonia.

After Slaven Bilic heard the bad news he quickly called in Mario Mandzukic on the squad. He is a striker from Zagreb.

Hopefully Mladen will recover soon we are all counting on him to score for us against Macedonia. Im perrty sure its not as seriouse as they say it is. Lets hope everything is okay.


Macedonian Football! Croatia vs Macedonia March 24th 2007


11 Responses to "Mladen Petric Injured! Bilic Calls New Striker!"

im so pissed if he is injured….but im confident we will be able to beat with even without him..hes a top striker and deadly,but mb olic will have his chance to come up…dam this sux if hes out


You have a “fixture” link in Croatia11 website where you put the possible formation for the game against Macedonia, and I have to agree with you on that formation( if Robert Kovac was healthy, I’d probably swap him for Simic – in your formation). Otherwise its a killer looking fomation, unfortunately it probably won’t come to pass because Bilic is a more defensive coach(thats my feeling anyway). He’ll more likely have Niko Kovac in the middle with Modric, with Rapaic and Kranjcar on the wings. I think hes also more likely to start Vejic in the middle with Simunic and put Babic and Simic on the wings. I have a feeling Petric is gonna play in this game, I’m not sure hes gonna start but he’ll make an appearance. I have to admit i really like Budan’s game, I would start him over Balaban and Olic. He’s tall ,strikes the ball beautifully and is strong in the air. I think he’d be a good compliment to Eduardo.


P.S. – what happened to the small blue cube, you’ve got to include that as part of your site. I like the away jerseys way more then the home jerseys..

yea, i trust Bilic with the decisions…..

Oh yea, i totally forgot about the blue cube…Ill make sure to add it…

man i just want to be done with this match…after we win this one i will have comlete faith in the team…. the i will dream of winning Euro 2008!

ye dennis i agree with you on budan but i read on vecernji that bilic is leaning toward starting balaban due to his recent good form..i have seen both budan and balaban play and i like budan alot more..oh and your wrong about bilic being a defensive coach..he is going to play babic at left back and corluka at right back because he likes his backs push up on offense..both babic and corluka can do this and both can cross the ball good..if you put simic at right back he cant do what corluka can..simic cant cross the ball and he is limited offensivley..

I never said he was a defnsive coach? Ahh yea, well Bilic called Muzkovic according to

And yea i saw that article that sais Balaban is his next choice….

its crazy tho….i would rather start budan, then Balaban or Olic…

No Klasnic, and no Petric.

i know that sucks!!!

OMG!, he got injured because of that secret league on switzerland?? That sucks!!! No one even watch it!!! its hard even to find switzerland in the maps!
Oh Petric why???

Well theres still eduardo and budan and olic!
hey, jurica vranjes scored a good one this weekend, did u see it?

Yea I saw it it was a good goal..Its wierd seeing Vranjes on top

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